Month: August 2013

dad and daughters

365 Grateful – Days 271 to 275

Sometimes when I reflect on what I’ve been grateful for, the moment has passed and with it – the opportunity to snap a photograph.  Also – some moments or things that I am grateful for are difficult to take a photograph of which will represent it.  So please […]

Woman Meditating on Beach --- Image by © Hannah Mentz/Corbis

Mindfulness Meditation and Yoga

Just thought I’d pop in and fill you in on my new ventures about to start soon. [source] Late tomorrow afternoon I begin a 7 week program in Mindfulness Meditation.  I’m really looking forward to it.   This combines two of my interests.  I’ve spoken before about the benefits […]

Parsnip Soup

Bacon, Thyme & Parsnip Soup

I was over at Mum and Dad’s for lunch recently for my sister’s birthday.  Mum served up a three course meal.  Everything was delicious!  First course was Bacon, Thyme and Parsnip Soup and it was so absolutely divine that I asked for the recipe. Now I’m not one […]

garden, front yard

365 Grateful – Days 266 to 270

These are the things I’ve felt grateful for in recent days and things that make me happy! 365 Grateful – Day 266:  Late afternoons in my front yard – watering the potted plants that will go in the new garden beds, playing with the dogs, admiring my new […]