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Weekend Project and Our Dirty Little Secret

There’s been no further progress on the gardens in our front yard.  We’re still deciding on the garden edging before we can move forward.  Meanwhile, I found another little project for last weekend to keep me busy and fulfill my need for flowers, flowers and more flowers.  Well … a start anyway!

I made a garden around the leopard tree on our footpath.  It had some Agapanthus and mondo gross growing at its base (planted by previous owners I suspect) along with weeds, tree offshoots and grass.

I’ll let the pictures tell the story and when you get to the end I hope you still like me when  you discover our dirty little secret!  … and maybe even advise on some solutions if you know of any!  😉

Leopard Tree

Leopard Tree, Garden


Flowers, Garden

Flowers, Garden

Garden, Flowers

Flowers, Garden

Flowers, Garden

OK – We’re up to the part where I reveal our ‘dirty little secret’. 
It really isn’t our fault you know.  The leopard tree done it….truly!!


So … um … if you can accept and move past ‘our dirty little secret’
would you pretty please mind reading the question asked by the fella
in the photo
above and I will eagerly await your creative suggestions! 🙂


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  1. That looks fab Min – and that lady bug made me laugh – CLEVER YOU! I wish I knew how to help but I’m not much of a green thumb, but you could extend the garden a bit but it’s a bit late for that now so I’ll keep my useless advice to myself xxx


    • Thanks Em – lol I love lady bugs. I used to see them a lot as a kid but never see them these days. Wonder why? No worries about advice – I don’t think there is a magic answer unfortunately. Can’t extend the garden any further or the Council might get cranky. Guess I’ll just water what grass there is and hope for the best!! xo


  2. I am just discovering the joy of growing flowers now. It started with my vegie patch a couple of years back and now I’m expanding my horizons LOL! As for the lack of grass under your tree, sorry, no ideas 😦


    • Oh Janet – only just discovering the joy of growing flowers now?! I’ve always loved having flowers in my garden but the love, appreciation and satisfaction of it has got much stronger as I’ve got older. Simple things give me joy now. I think there always will be a lack of grass under the tree unfortunately !! xo