365 Grateful Project

365 Grateful – Days 261 to 265

I’ve been having a bit of a clean up over the last few days and have come across some things that took me for a trip down memory lane, though I actually have no memory of this time.  Rather, I’ve been thinking of my parents back in 1964 when mum gave birth to their first child, me.  I’ve also realised how incredible lucky I am to have these memento’s of the time when I was born and am so grateful to have the opportunity to pass them on to my children to keep within the family.  As you will see, the birth of me was a celebration, a time of joy and excitement.  I really think that it may well have outshone all the hoo ha surrounding the recent birth of Prince George!! (not really) 😉

baby book, 1964, baby, girl

baby book, baby girl, baby, 1964

365 Grateful – Day 261:  This is the baby book that my mother had in readiness for my birth in May 1964.  She completed the whole book.  I love it.  I’m so lucky that I was the first child because she went on to have another four babies (five in all) and I’m not so sure that she had the time to complete books for all of them!

Congratulations Cards, Baby Girl

365 Grateful – Day 262:  These are ‘some’ of the congratulations cards that my parents received following my birth.  I couldn’t fit them all within the camera frame.  I love these now 1964 ‘vintage’ cards.  I’m so grateful to have them!

telegrams, telegram, congratulations

365 Grateful – Day 263:  I have the original telegrams (lots of them) that were sent to my parents following my birth.  Does anyone send telegrams any more?  These are so precious to have.

A Baby's Prayer

365 Grateful – Day 264:  I love this ‘A Baby’s Prayer’ – I think it is beautiful.  If you look at the photograph for Day 262, you will see this prayer is inside a congratulations card (front – just left of centre) sent to my parents.  It is even written by a namesake (Marguerite).

1st birthday cards, 1 year old girl, 1965

365 Grateful – Day 265:  I even found some birthday cards for my 1st birthday (1965).  There are more but I just grabbed a handful to photograph.  

These things mean so much to me.  It makes me think very carefully what I keep for my own children.  I have a box for each of my kids, in which I have added ‘special’ t hings over the years.  The gratitude I feel for having these memento’s from when I was born and was a child reminds me to be vigilant in ensuring I keep important and meaningful things for my own kids.


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  1. Min i have that book also I was born in november 1963 they must have been the cool book then and I also have similar cards and a framed picture handmade which is beautiful and so pretty as well x


    • Well fancy that Lisa – amazing!! I’m actually secretly quite thrilled to find there is someone out there that is a bit older than me. It’s still shocks me that more often than not I am so much older than others! 😉 Wonderful that you also have a baby book and cards from when you were born. xo


  2. Oh Min that is DIVINE, those precious notices from your birth, how amazing to have all those – just precious and will be family heirlooms for sure. Sorry it’s been awhile since my visit, I hope you’re great. Em xx