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Nowadays … and have you seen my mojo?

I thought I’d catch you up on what’s been going on around here.  The front picket fence is finished.  I just have one side on the inside of the fence to splash a final coat of paint on.  I must say I am very happy with how it all looks.  It’s made a real difference to how the front of the house looks and feels.  As well as now having a contained front yard, it makes everything feel cozier.  My doggies sure are loving the extra yard space (our back lawn area is very small as most of our backyard is taken up by the pool).  I take them out there every afternoon when I collect the mail.  Most afternoons the kids next door come over for a pat and play with the dogs and I sit on the grass and enjoy chatting to them and watching the pleasure they get from playing with the dogs.

front fence 2(photo from MinsMash on Instagram)

Since the fence has been finished, we hired a skip bin and have got rid of the excess dirt from digging the fence post holes and have cleared out all the stones and edges of the existing gardens.  I didn’t like the stones.  They didn’t look nice and they also didn’t allow me to dig and play in the garden.  The edging has gone because it had become old and mouldy and was cracked and broken in several places.  Also, with additional garden space now, we need to re-define the garden edges.


skip2Yep – we threw a few extra bits of rubbish in the skip too 🙂

gardens cleared(photos from MinsMash on Instagram)

I’ve started collecting plants for the front yard garden makeover.  Some plants were given to me by my sister-in-law – potted cuttings – and others I bought at a nearby nursery that is having a closing down sale.  I’m sad about that nursery closing down.  I’ve been going there for many, many years and have always loved the place!  Anyway, I am conscientiously watering the pots every day to keep the plants alive until the garden beds are ready to be planted.  I’m thinking I might go to some local markets to get my next lot of plants.  I might even go back to the nursery closing down sale.  It closes at the end of September and I’m thinking the discount will get greater the closer to the actual close date it gets!  We still need many more plants!

potted plantsOn the left we’ve got the potted cuttings given to me by my sis-in-law which include Nasturtiums, Geraniums & more.  Then we have one large Camellia and six smaller Camellia’s for along the inside of the front fence, some Agapanthus for along the outside of the front fence and some mini-mondo grass for my crazy pave pathway to the letterbox.

Along with all the fence and garden activities, I have of course been washing, cleaning, cooking and providing a taxi service to my teen/young adults.  They (particularly my daughter) keep me very busy!

During the process of painting and building the fence, my attention and time was diverted away from my blog and my photography studies.  Now, I’m finding myself in a bit of a slump!  Along the way, I seem to have lost my mojo.  Have you seen it anywhere??  My brain is all focussed on thinking and planning my front garden and finishing the final coat of paint on the front fence.  I can’t seem to get motivated to get back into my photography studies.  Why??!!  I finished Module 3 ages ago and have not yet moved on to Module 4.  Also my blogging ideas seem to have vanished.  I get so tired and frustrated with myself and my failed attempts of finding my mojo and trying to motivate myself to either blog or study that I end up just flopping and chilling in front of the TV far too often lately.  Such a waste of time *ho-hum*!

lost mojo[source]

Pretty sure I need me some organisation.  Maybe I need to put together a weekly schedule for myself and stick to it.  You know the kind of thing …. washing on Monday mornings, blogging Monday avo’s, housework Tues morning, photography studies Tues avo’s …. that kind of thing?  What do you think?

So tell me….what do you do when your motivation goes AWOL?  What suggestions have you got for me to get myself back on track?  What would you like to see more or less of on this blog?  And finally … if you see my ‘mojo’ could you please give it a stern ‘tsk tsk’ and send it back to me?!

Meanwhile, I’d better get out of my pj’s and have a shower.  I’ve a very important hair appointment soon.  Maybe I’ll find my mojo while I’m there?


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  1. When I feel my blogging mojo go I just sit back and let it be. It always comes back when I stop trying to forcing it. Maybe google some blog post idea generators to get the routine of writing again, but I think that the rest will come. Plus look at how much you have been doing! No wonder you don’t really feel like doing much else!


    • Yes I agree Tegan. It’s best to write when I have ideas in my head that are bursting to be written, rather than trying to force myself for the sake of a regular presence on the blog. And you’re also right about how much I’ve been doing….quite a lot lately actually! lol


  2. The schedule thing does not really work for me. I lost my mojo when I came back from Canada. What I did is looking through old notes I had, pictures I took and haven’t blogged about. Have you tried any good recipes? Also, I found that sometimes I just can’t be bother of doing something but when I push myself and just start, my energy comes back and ideas too.


    • Have you found your mojo again now Rita? I do have a notebook that I wrote some notes and ideas in, so I’ll have a look through that. Other than that then I think I just need to wait until I start writing posts in my head again. When I do that, I am bursting to write and get them on the blog. I’m more concerned about getting back into my photography studies at the moment actually!


  3. My motivations HAS LEFT ME! But I am trying not to worry about it. Also, I am a big fan of a picket fence. Love it!
    Don’t worry about the blog, you are being very creative GARDEN STYLE! It’s a fantastic thing to do x


    • Good for you for not worrying about it! Love your posts Sarah – you’re so god damn funny!! Glad you like the picket fence. Yep – my creative energies are all going on ze garden at the mo! Love a pretty garden 🙂 xo


  4. Nice to meet you. My husband and I are talking fences for our almost-ours-new-house. Painting a fence doesn’t sound like fun. Unlike yourself, we are terrible gardeners, a part of the attraction of the new place is that the garden is very low maintenance. Your mojo will come back in time. Give it some space, and get some other things out of the way – you don’t want your studies to be a chore, they should be something that you enjoy as you learn. It will come back.


    • Nice to meet you too! How exciting to have an almost yours new house! Painting the fence took ages. We did two coats of all the timber before the fence was built and I’m splashing on a 3rd coat now it is up. We bought our house too because we thought the gardens would be low maintenance (we have palms everywhere). Turns out palms ARE NOT low maintenance. They drop palm leaves constantly!! We’ve been here six years and I miss looking out on flowers and pretty things … hence the new front garden 🙂 Re my mojo – you’re right – I think I can only do what is calling me to be done and hopefully the mojo will come back … and soon! xo


  5. The blog will be there waiting for you when you’re ready! Meanwhile, house and garden are rocking 🙂 I lose my blog mojo the minute it becomes a ‘have to’ rather than a ‘want to’. I find stepping away from it for a few days and not forcing myself to write something just because it’s Friday and I need to join a particular link up (or whatever) is refreshing!


    • Thanks so much Lara! I totally agree … it’s so much easier when its a ‘want to’ scenario rather than a ‘have to’ situation. I’ve pushed myself when feeling ‘have to’ and it just doesn’t work. xo


  6. Hey Min, I always find the mojo returns when I just walk away and get back in to the world for a bit. Suddenly there are things to be written about! I’ve felt I’m forcing it lately, and a schedule doesn’t work for me. It has to be something I want to do. I wouldn’t worry though, when your garden’s looking so lovely!


    • Thanks Kim! I totally agree. Still a way to go with the garden – got to get edging done, then garden soil, then planting, then mulch. Then the fun part – watering and watching it grow 🙂 xo


  7. Hi Min.As you know I don’t blog but I do read and comment on them.
    Having a blog is something to be proud of and I admire anyone who writes no matter how often they post.
    I have found that those who enjoy their blogging the most are those that let it be a place of expression not pressure,let the ideas come when they do and don’t let writing posts become a chore.
    Routines are great but some feel they let themselves down when life gets in the way of their writing routine.They feel disappointed in themselves where they shouldn’t be.
    This wonderful space of yours should be a place where you can be you and enjoy every opportunity you post no matter what the topic or how often you post.
    You are spending time on your home which is taking a lot of your energy and Min that’s ok.Be gentle on yourself.Forget placing pressures.You are doing beautifully and I hope you feel very proud of how far you and your lovely blog have come.
    Everything else will be waiting for you when you are ready for it.
    In the mean time soak up your special afternoons with your dogs in your lovely front yard and admire all your achievements.
    Much love.Xx


    • Thanks so much Deby for your lovely words. I do feel obligated to have a regular presence here on the blog but life sometimes pulls us in many directions. I’ve realised now to not have such high expectations of myself. I’m the one who puts the pressure on myself. I’ll take each day as it comes and do what I feel needs to be done each day. 🙂 xo