365 Grateful Project

365 Grateful – Days 266 to 270

These are the things I’ve felt grateful for in recent days and things that make me happy!

Garden, fence

garden, front yard

365 Grateful – Day 266:  Late afternoons in my front yard – watering the potted plants that will go in the new garden beds, playing with the dogs, admiring my new fence, lying on the grass looking up at the trees.

flowers, pink flowers, cactus, succulent

365 Grateful – Day 267:  Beautiful pink and orange flowers of a cactus/succulent cutting given to me by my mother for the front garden.  I’ve potted it until the garden beds are ready for planting.  If anyone knows the name of this plant – please let me know!


365 Grateful – Day 268:  The beautiful sunsets we see out the front of our house.

white geraniums, flowers, white flowers, geraniums

white geraniums, flowers, white flowers, geraniums

365 Grateful – Day 269:  The white geranium cuttings given to me by my sister-in-law are flowering.  They are so pretty!



365 Grateful – Day 270:  There is not a day that goes by that I don’t thank god for my fabulous dishwasher!  With 2 adults and 3 young adults in the house, this baby is constantly on the go.  I particularly love the two drawer type of dishwasher.  One drawer can be on washing and the other is available for stacking of dirty dishes.  No need for dirty dishes to accumulate on the bench – ever!  You can totally see me and my step-ladder in the second photo.  I stood on that step-ladder to take the first photo. 😉


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  1. Ooo I think I need that dishwasher – we used to have one like it when I worked at the library a few years back, mind you it broke down all the time so I hope yours doesn’t do that!

    Loving the beaut weather at the mo, nothing better than a cuppa and daydream in the garden 🙂


    • We’ve been living here for over six years now and our dishwasher hasn’t missed a beat Janet (no breakdowns!). I’d never had a two drawer dishwasher before this but I’m converted now 🙂 We are having lovely weather lately aren’t we – loving it!