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First Love

And then one day she was a young woman In love for the very first time She glowed and laughed and was beautiful Every spare moment was spent together They couldn’t get enough of each other Gifts and love notes, racing hearts and fireworks A year and a […]

quote, maya angelou, pursue the things you love

Pursue the things you love

This morning after waking and while eating my breakfast, I was scrolling through my news feed on Facebook and came across this quote posted by Maya Angelou.  I shared it on my Facebook page, but I also took it as a sign or omen that I was to […]

Unplugged – Part 5

It’s recommended that you read Min Unplugged – Part 1 , Unplugged – Part 2, Unplugged – Part 3, and Unplugged – Part 4 before you read Part 5 so that everything makes more sense to you! +++++ This post is a little longer than I would usually […]

365 Grateful – Day 179

I’m grateful for time.  Specifically, the gift of time that I have to heal, reflect, and re-map my life following a bad situation that occurred in mid-2012.  In hindsight, perhaps that bad situation was a blessing in disguise. It is impossible to photograph the gift of time, so […]

365 Grateful – Day 167

I’ve started sorting through all the accumulated stuff in the ‘study’ area today.  I have plans of converting it into my blogging space.  It once used to be the hub for all the family to use.  We used to just have the one computer, but the kids all […]

Words to live by

[Image Credit:  Words & illustration by  Bianca Cash] +++ I chose this quote for today’s ‘Mindful Monday’ because it has simple but very strong words that are great words to live by. I’ll break it down and give my thoughts on each word and how I think I’m […]

New Year’s Resolution

It’s customary to make a new year’s resolution or two at the beginning of a new year.  Give up this or that or take up this or that. For me there is no starting of something new.  2013 will be a continuation of my pathway to better health […]

365 Grateful – Day 83

Today MrMM and I attended a Christmas party at my mother-in-law’s nursing home.  It was morning tea and nibblies followed by a buffet lunch.  I thoroughly enjoyed myself.  They threw a great party! There were talented singers singing carols, children singing and playing the violin, a lady playing […]