365 Grateful Project

365 Grateful – Days 271 to 275

Sometimes when I reflect on what I’ve been grateful for, the moment has passed and with it – the opportunity to snap a photograph.  Also – some moments or things that I am grateful for are difficult to take a photograph of which will represent it.  So please bear with me for this lot of photographs.  I will explain as I go along.

reading by the pool

365 Grateful – Day 271:  After a long morning of washing and cleaning, some lovely time in the warm winter sunshine by the pool reading my book was just what I needed.  Some beautiful Vitamin D!

This photo is from my instagram feed.

early morning at the beach

365 Grateful – Day 272:  I’m horrified and saddened by the recent senseless loss of lives in Syria.  You realise how lucky we are to live in a country where atrocities such as this do not happen and where we are mostly safe and free to live our lives without fear.  So grateful to live in beautiful Australia.

This was something that was difficult to find a photograph to portray, so I decided on this photograph that was taken with my phone at Bargara when on holidays there a while ago.  It reminds me of peace and freedom.

mum and daughter

365 Grateful – Day 273:  So wonderful to spend some time with my 18 year old daughter.  She’s a busy girl nowadays and not home as much as she used to be.  I took her to a dental appointment and we had coffee and a lovely chat after.  I loved that time with her.

This is an occasion when the moment had passed and no photograph taken.  The photographed used is of me and my daughter but was taken on another occasion.  So sorry for the rose on her face but I try to protect her identify and privacy.  However, I just couldn’t bring myself to cover her beautiful eyes!

pieces of a puzzle


365 Grateful – Day 274:  Grateful for the many ideas floating around in my mind for a much hoped for future creative career from home.  Hoping the pieces of the puzzle will eventually slot together, a concrete vision will be obtained, and goals will be achieved.

I searched high and low in my house for a jigsaw puzzle.  I had planned a creative photograph to represent this ‘grateful’ but could not find a puzzle anywhere (think I gave them all to my sister who is a day care mum).  So, the photograph used today is not my own.  It’s source is hyperlinked beneath the photograph.

dad and daughters

365 Grateful – Day 275:  In November my dad will be 83.  I’m so grateful he is in good health and for every Father’s Day that I spend with him.  This year, he and mum are flying off to Sydney on Father’s Day (Sunday) to spend some time with my sister (no 3) and family, so my sisters (no 2 and no 4) and I (no 1) are going over to see him on Saturday.  We’ll celebrate Father’s Day with him one day early.

The photograph used here was taken a while ago.  We were all in hysterics because mum was taking the photo and she is the most dreadful photographer ever!! (as you can see) LOL  I actually edited this photograph a bit to make it look a bit clearer!  Again, apologies for blocking out faces, but I don’t publish photographs of anyone without their permission.  The one without her face covered is of course…me!

Have a great weekend everyone!