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[Note to self:  Get some proper photo’s of myself.  These are just phone snaps!]

Hi there, welcome to my blog! I’m Min, but my real name is Marguerite.  You can read the story all about how I got my nickname here.

I’m blogging from Moreton Bay in Brisbane, Queensland, Australia where I live with MrMM and my three adult kids – fraternal twin boys (Twin1 and Twin2) aged 21.5 and 19 year-old daughter (MissM) and our two dogs.

I have a soft spot for animals!  Well most of them.  There are some animals I’m not overly fond of but in particular I cannot stand toads (there is a blog post about this here)!  We have two dogs – both Cavalier King Charles Spaniels – “Chelsea” a 14-year old tri-colour and “Ava” a 22 month old ruby.

The Blog

I started this blog on 19 September 2012.  I knew nothing about blogging or even that there was a huge blogging community out there.  I jumped straight into it without too much thought or pre-planning lest I lose my nerve! The name MinsMash came about because I was not sure what exactly I was going to blog about when I started.  The thought that I would blog about a ‘mish mash of stuff’ came to me, and the name MinsMash was born.

The blog was created during a period in my life when I was doing a lot of soul searching and needed an outlet for my thoughts.  I also wanted a home for a planned 365 Grateful Project.  In addition to my 365 Grateful Project, I started out blogging about my local area and a mish mash of other stuff.  I think a blog is a continually evolving thing … as we move through life and its different phases.

This blog and the process of doing my 365 Grateful Project re-ignited my love for photography and I am now studying for a Diploma in Professional Photography and hope to plan my future around photography and my blog.

After nearly 2 years immersed in the blogging world, I have noticed a bit of a gap when it comes to bloggers around my age bracket.  The majority seem to be young mothers (oh I wish blogging was a thing when I had babies and toddlers!!).  I hope to steer my blog in a direction which helps to fill this gap by talking about things that matter to women (and possibly men too) in their 40’s, 50’s and above.  I just recently turned 50 and I am on a mission to prove that women of this age need not become invisible!! (no way)  We can be sassy, creative, smart, fun, witty and gorgeous!

Did I mention I love photography?  You can read more about it HERE.

I hope you enjoy your visit!  Please don’t hesitate to leave me a message.  I love to hear from my readers!

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    • Hi Anne! Wow – great to know a blogger who lives nearby! Pleased to meet you also! Hopefully we can meet in person in the not too distant future and talk all things blogging 😉 I will go and check out your blog! Thanks so much for visiting me! xx


    • Hi there – glad you found me and thank you for your comment! I’m loving blogging and really looking forward getting know the bloggers in the Qld bloggers group and beyond 🙂 x


  1. I’m a bit late to the party but I was just reading this and it rings so true with me & I feel like I’m on a similar journey! I’m looking forward to reading new posts & trawling through the older ones as well!


    • Hi Sarah. So lovely to meet you! I’m so happy to hear that what you have read here rings true with you. I really hope you enjoy your trawling through my blog. Since we’re on similar journeys – I really look forward to having a trawl through your blog also! Min xo


  2. Hi Min! I stumbled across your blog from the Veggie Mama community. It’s so lovely to meet you and hear about your travels as a new blogger. Love what you’re about, love your space here and can’t wait to read more. x


  3. Hi, Min! Seems like we have some things in common but, unlike you, my children are way younger than yours, despite being in my 40s. I understand the power of quotes and have been using them a lot lately too. I hope you’re finding your blogging is helping you change. It’s a great catalyst and helps keep one accountable!


    • Hi Veronica – wow we do? I’m going to have to visit your blog now and have a read! I have other friends in their 40’s who have children younger than mine and some that have children that are older! My blogging has been fantastic for me. I love how you say it’s a great catalyst and helps keep one accountable. How very true! See you over at your blog and thanks so much for visiting mine 🙂


  4. Hi MinsMash, I’m new to blogging too. Surprised I have any hair left. There IS so much to learn. Have visited your beautiful country. Have fun blogging. I’ll check back often.


  5. Hello MinsMash! Great to meet another mid-life blogger! … I found you via the lovely Middle Aged Mama on which you featured today 🙂 Will follow you on Twitter too. Let’s keep in touch 🙂


    • Hi Johanna! Wonderful to meet you! I love discovering other bloggers in my age range. Fantastic of Janet to do a post on the subject! I will follow you back on Twitter and definately keep in touch. Will pop over to visit your blog after I have my lunch 🙂


    • Hi there Rae – thank you for visiting! Wonderful to find you too. I haven’t come across too many middle aged bloggers so it is fantastic when I find a new one. Look forward to reading your blog also 🙂


  6. Hello Min,
    I discovered your blog when reading middleagedmama’s blog. I am also a middle-aged blogger (48 years old). We have something else in common: being a mom of 21 year old (fraternal) twin sons! I am happy to see other women my age writing blogs and look forward to reading your posts.


    • Hi Karenne (hope I got your name right!) – wonderful to meet you! Thank you for visiting! I love finding other middle-aged bloggers! I will have to pop over to your blog for a visit. Look forward to getting to know you! 🙂


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