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MLP Logo_taglineThrough this blog, and particularly my 365 Grateful Project, I discovered a love of photography.  I attended a local one day beginners workshop in digital photography.  This added more fuel to my growing passion.  I then decided to embark in further study and became a student at The Photography Institute where I am undertaking a Diploma in Professional Photography.  I have only one more module to complete and then I am done – yay! 🙂

I want to love what I do and do what I love, so I hope to make photography my future career.

Meanwhile, I have recently (with the help of you guys – thank you!) decided on a name for my photography business – Marguerite Louise Photography.  My real name is Marguerite but I never get called it.  I wanted to reclaim it and felt that this was the best way.  I was initially going to call my photography business Marguerite Photography but a Google search revealed at least two businesses of the same name, even though they were different countries.  I wanted my name to be unique and used by no other in the world.  So, I added my middle name ‘Louise’ and hence the birth of Marguerite Louise Photography.

Facebook Page

FB MLP Logos

In August 2014 – I launched a Facebook page for Marguerite Louise Photography which you can find HERE.  Or if you like to see the address link out in full you can also click here:

A website for Marguerite Louise Photography will be next.

More Information

You’ll notice in the logo graphic at the top of this page, the tagline “capturing mindful moments”.  There is a message behind my photography and here is a little more information.

I find photography to be the perfect medium in order to practice mindfulness. Mindfulness is the practice of clearing the mind and focusing one’s awareness on the present moment. It is incredibly calming and excellent for stress relief! Photography takes me to my happy place, where my mind is clear, with no thoughts other than focusing on the subject of which I am shooting and how best to capture what I see.

After 30+ years of working full-time in the corporate world, combined with the varied demands of juggling being a mother of three and running a household, I lost the ability to slow down and to notice and enjoy the beauty and inspirational happenings around me. This happens to many people.   Life becomes a treadmill and we go into an almost robotic survival mode.

I hope that my images will encourage others to take steps to live life more mindfully. So much beauty and joyful moments are not noticed and enjoyed due to us living such busy, stressful lives and far too often we are dwelling in the past or worrying about the future and are not living in the present moment.

I concentrate mostly in nature and landscape photography but am not limited to this genre only.   I also have an interest in still life, food and interiors photography.   The plan is to eventually have images available for purchase as affordable wall art once I have accumulated a sizeable and varied collection of images.

Where else can you find MLP?




(Last updated Wednesday 17 September 2014)

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