Month: September 2013

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365 Grateful – Days 281 to 285

365 Grateful – Day 281:  My Camellia’s are in!  So grateful that we have progressed to adding garden soil and mulch to the new front garden and that my Camellia’s are planted.  I have one more advanced Camellia and six little baby ones.  More plants are yet to […]

Boat Harbour, Moreton Bay, Manly

A Mind Dump

Woah – there is a lot going on in this ‘ol mind of mine lately, to the point where I am having some full on CRAZY dreams the last few nights! This post is a bit of a mind dump where I share some of the amazing and […]


I must confess that following my first yoga session last week of a six-week beginner course, I left not knowing what the word ‘Namaste’ meant.  I had some ideas but wasn’t sure.  There were lovely white wooden Namaste signs around the room and I was curious to understand […]