Month: July 2014

July FMS Photo a Day - MinsMash

July FMS Photo a Day

I decided to participate in Fat Mum Slim’s Photo a Day challenge for the first time ever this month!  I have always wanted to play but was previously kept busy with my own 365 Grateful Project (now complete). For this month, I have posted my photo’s daily on […]

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Today, I want to talk a little about SELF-CARE. There is nothing selfish about taking good care of yourself! Sadly, I have only really come to truly understand just how important self-care is as I have grown older and after having suffered the consequences of very little self-care. […]

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Why I Write

I’ve been reading with much interest lately, all the blog posts by various bloggers written on the subject of ‘why I write’ – a blog hop currently doing the rounds. It’s a great subject, great questions and a wonderful opportunity to gain a little more insight into the […]

Baci the Pomeranian

Baci Part 2

If you’ve read yesterday’s post – Baci the Pomeranian – you’d know that Baci is nearly 6 months old and is staying with us for 2 1/2 weeks while his owners are overseas. You’d also know that when I went to take some photo’s of him for yesterday’s […]

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Baci the Pomeranian

If you follow MinsMash on Instagram you would have seen several photo’s of Baci by now – and even a video or two! Baci is a nearly six month old Pomeranian who is staying with us for 2 1/2 weeks while his owners are overseas. Thankfully, he gets […]

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It’s the little things …

… that can make all the difference!! I’ve had a few upsetting things happen lately but I don’t want to spend my days with my emotions all stirred up so do you know what I do to help calm them and pick myself up?  It’s something quick, easy […]