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365 Grateful – Days 326 to 332

I hope you have had a wonderful Christmas with your family and friends!  I thought I might squeeze one more Grateful post into 2013! 🙂 +++ 365 Grateful – Day 326:  I’m very grateful that this little girl (Ava) came into my life.  She is 15 months old […]

flower seeds

Happiness is …

… receiving a thoughtful gift that you absolutely love! We had a pre-Christmas family dinner get together with MrMM’s side of the family last night.  I absolutely love the gift received from my brother and sister-in-law. The flowers in the pot are ‘Angelonia angustifolia SERENA’.  The beautiful flower […]

Christmas Tree and Gifts

Crazy times but it’s all good!

The Christmas season can sometimes get a little crazy!  There are usually lots of parties, too much food, too much alcohol, lots of shopping for gifts (shopping centres and parking wars!), money stress (all that spending!), what to wear to each event (not to mention Christmas day), cooking […]

Christmas words


Can you believe it is December and therefore not long till Christmas?  That crept up fast didn’t it?! I’ve been so busy with my twin’s 21st (amongst other things) that December arrived before I knew it!  I am not prepared at all for Christmas yet.  Thank goodness we […]

365 Grateful – Day 93

I’m grateful to have had a wonderful Christmas day with my family. Hope you are all having a wonderful day also!  Merry Christmas! Today’s photograph is of the centrepiece on the dining table for Christmas lunch at mum and dad’s house.    

365 Grateful – Day 91

My favourite part of our Aussie Christmas is all the summer stone fruits – cherries, plums, mango’s, peaches, apricots, nectarines and good ‘ol watermelon.  Who doesn’t have childhood memories of sitting outside eating watermelon with the juices dripping down your arms and spitting out the seeds – pure […]

365 Grateful – Day 90

I haven’t felt well today, so spent most of the day lying down and resting.   It wasn’t until tonight that I began to wonder what I would use as my grateful photo for today.  It is dark outside so I needed to focus on things around me in […]

365 Grateful – Day 86

I am grateful for a thoroughly enjoyable Christmas catch-up dinner out with good friends J & V. Last night MrMM and I went out to dinner with some good friends who we have known since before we were married.  The conversation always flows easily and it is always […]

365 Grateful – Day 84

I’m grateful that my Christmas shopping is now done and dusted! Now to start wrapping!! MrMM and I started and finished all our Christmas shopping today!  Having a list, knowing what to get, and planning the shops needed to visit, meant we wiped it all out in one […]

365 Grateful – Day 83

Today MrMM and I attended a Christmas party at my mother-in-law’s nursing home.  It was morning tea and nibblies followed by a buffet lunch.  I thoroughly enjoyed myself.  They threw a great party! There were talented singers singing carols, children singing and playing the violin, a lady playing […]