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21st birthday cakes

365 Grateful – Days 317 to 320

365 Grateful – Day 317:  We’ve been having quite a few storms here in Brisbane.  On two occasions we had hail!  The first time the hail was only very small but the second time the hail was as big as golf balls and certainly got our attention quick […]

twin boys

Flashback Friday: My Twin Boys

I love this photograph of my boys holding hands at the beach when they were little.  Such sweet innocents they were then.  The world was one big wonder!  This was taken at a holiday at Caloundra.  I think it was taken around January 1996. They loved the beach […]

Flashback Friday – Twin Duet

It was a hot summer’s day in late 1993.   A mother of twins (me) was very tired after another day of looking after Twin1 and Twin2.  To distract them from pulling at each other’s hair, she had spent some time showing them how to play the piano. That […]

365 Grateful – Day 57

Today – 19 November 2012 – is Twin1 and Twin2 ‘s 20th birthday!  Happy Birthday to my boys (err…young men)! The photograph above is of my twins when first brought home from hospital.  They had a beautiful white cradle each which were set up in our bedroom (they […]

The MM Twins

Nearly 20 years ago I became a mother – not just a mother but a mother of multiples!  That’s right – I had twins.  Not the identical type – but the fraternal type. At 36 weeks gestation, I gave birth to two gorgeous little baby boys (Twin1 and […]