365 Grateful Project

365 Grateful – Day 57

Today – 19 November 2012 – is Twin1 and Twin2 ‘s 20th birthday!  Happy Birthday to my boys (err…young men)!

The photograph above is of my twins when first brought home from hospital.  They had a beautiful white cradle each which were set up in our bedroom (they later moved to cots in the nursery).  Twin1 had a little bit of jaundice but it quickly disappeared.  They were beautiful babies.  They were born at 36wks gestation.  I was in hospital with them for nearly 2 weeks.  They were in the special care unit for a while until all was well and feeding was sorted and we finally went home when they were around 38 weeks.

I am grateful that I have managed to raise my boys to the age of 20 without any major dramas throughout the teenage years and that they are sensible, honest, smart and lovely young men.

I love my boys! xo


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  1. Happy birthday Twins !!!! I hope they had a great day !
    19th November is my paren’t’s anniversary – they were married 52 yrs yesterday !!! It’s a good day of the year isn’t it ?
    Have the best day !


    • Hello – so sorry – I have only just seen your comment! Thank you for the birthday wishes for my twins 🙂 Congratulations to your parents! I am actually going to lunch tomorrow to celebrate my parents 50th wedding anniversary 🙂