The MM Twins

Nearly 20 years ago I became a mother – not just a mother but a mother of multiples!  That’s right – I had twins.  Not the identical type – but the fraternal type.

At 36 weeks gestation, I gave birth to two gorgeous little baby boys (Twin1 and Twin2) and my life changed forever.  The first year was a blur of feeds, nappy changes, gastric reflux and sleepless nights.  I was very, very, very exhausted and desperate for sleep tired…but so very happy.

Now those cute little boys are nearly out of their teens!!  They will be 20 in November.  So let me tell you a little bit about them.  They are such completely different personalities.

Twin1 is a second year university student.  He is quite a conservative young man, not at all interested in trends or being cool.  Since kindy days he has always had a facsination with other countries and cultures.  He is very smart and at kindy and preschool age knew the capital city of every country and their  rivers, amongst many other interesting facts about other countries.  At kindy and preschool he loved the globe of the world and drawing his own maps.  He adored the globe of the world so much that his grandparents bought him one, which to this day he still has.

When he is home, he is like a bat in it’s cave. He loves his bedroom dark and airless!  He spends most of his time on the computer doing uni work, playing computer games or chatting to friends on-line. His room is um … feral messy … and … lets just say that whenever he goes out, I whip in there like Speedy Gonzales with the Glen20 and spray like I’m possessed and I open the window and beg the air to come in and perform a miracle circulate in his room.  I also collect all the cups, bowls, plates and cutlery from the various nooks and crannies.  I sweep up all the discarded and putrid clothes on the floor and every other possible surface for washing.  You get the picture!

Twin1 still voluntarily gives his mum hugs and is very affectionate and you can have conversations with him.  I usually don’t understand a thing, he often uses big convaluted grown up words, and talks about stuff I know nothing about, but he is always up for a chat!  He can be very stubborn and can have quite a temper!

The type of computer games he likes are strategic war type games.

Twin2 is also a second year university student.  He is more conscious of what he wears and is aware of trends.  He loves music and either has it plugged into his ears or has it booming away in his room.  He too is very smart!  During his kindy and preschool days he adored dinosaurs and we had quite a collection of them in this house.  Even I knew all the different types of dinosaurs and which were carnivores or herbivores!

Believe it or not…Twin2 is the only one of my kids that inherited the neat gene from me.  His room is neat!  He may not clean it but it is neat!! 🙂

Twin2 loves watching WWE wrestling.  Can’t understand the attraction myself but he loves it!

When home, he spends a lot of time in his room also, doing uni work, listening to music, chatting with friends on-line or playing the nintendo or gameboy.

Twin2 will give me a hug when I force one on him and usually it feels like I’m hugging a stiff board! 😉  A typical conversation with Twin2 would go something like this.  MeHow was the party?  Twin2: Goooood  MeWho was there?  Twin2Friends   MeAny friends I know?  Twin2: Grunt  MeDid you get some food to eat?  Twin2: Ugh!

The kind of nintento/gameboy game thingy’s Twin2 likes to play are racing and making your way up through the levels types of games.  You can tell I know nothing about these things!

So there you go!

You now know a little about Twin1 and Twin2.  Chalk.And.Cheese!!