365 Grateful Project

365 Grateful – Days 317 to 320

storm clouds

365 Grateful – Day 317:  We’ve been having quite a few storms here in Brisbane.  On two occasions we had hail!  The first time the hail was only very small but the second time the hail was as big as golf balls and certainly got our attention quick smart with loud crashes as it hit the roof of our pergola.  I don’t like it when thunderstorms cause damage or harm but I do love a thunderstorm otherwise.  It cleans the air, cools everything down and gives the lawn and gardens a really good drench … and for that I’m grateful.

Photograph taken looking out from our front yard.

freshly mowed lawn

365 Grateful – Day 318:  I love a freshly mown lawn.  I can’t explain it, it just makes me feel good, and anything that makes me feel good – well you’ve gotta be grateful for that 🙂

Yes – there are still pots that need planting, but they are for the outside of the front fence where we haven’t yet dug a garden bed.  Still lots of spaces to fill in the garden too!

flowers, garden

365 Grateful – Day 319:  Gorgeous, happy and beautiful flowers in my garden.  They’ve loved the drenchings they’ve received from the storms!

21st birthday cakes

365 Grateful – Day 320:   I’m very grateful to all our family and friends of my boys who came to their 21st birthday dinner celebrations on Saturday night and made it a fun night for all.  My boys (and all of us) had a great time and that makes me happy! 🙂

Cakes were Chocolate Mud Cake with Profiteroles and Shaved Chocolate Curls on top