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flower seeds

Happiness is …

… receiving a thoughtful gift that you absolutely love! We had a pre-Christmas family dinner get together with MrMM’s side of the family last night.  I absolutely love the gift received from my brother and sister-in-law. The flowers in the pot are ‘Angelonia angustifolia SERENA’.  The beautiful flower […]

365 Grateful – Day 169

I’m grateful for simple little pockets of pretty pleasures around the garden.  I love stones – all the different shapes, sizes, patterns, colours and textures – and I adore this little terracotta lantern/pot.  

365 Grateful – Day 148

On this rainy Brisbane day I have spent some time in the garage rummaging through the boxes in the cupboards holding some stuff that we have never got around to unpacking since we moved into this house over 5 years ago!  Look at this little treasure I uncovered.  […]