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365 Grateful – Day 148

365 Grateful - Day 148

On this rainy Brisbane day I have spent some time in the garage rummaging through the boxes in the cupboards holding some stuff that we have never got around to unpacking since we moved into this house over 5 years ago!  Look at this little treasure I uncovered.  I had forgotten I had this pot.  I can’t remember where I got it but I love the rustic, vintage look of it.  Now…where to put it…what to put in it…do I put anything in it?  What are your thoughts?  Should it go inside or outside?  Remain empty or have something in it?

I’m grateful for rainy days where you rummage around and find a forgotten treasure.





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    • I love rainy days but not too many rainy days and hope there is no more flooding! Good to hear you like the pot! Me too. I think it would be nice inside except I think I have decided to keep it outside as there isn’t really a right spot for it inside – but I am going to find some arty stick looking arrangement to put in it. I know exactly what you mean 🙂 xo


    • Thanks Janet! I think it’s going to stay out there in the pergola area. I might find something arty, quirky & interesting to stick in it to make it a little more of a feature 🙂