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Unplugged – Part 3

If you have not yet read Min Unplugged – Part 1 and Unplugged – Part 2, then I recommend you read them before reading this, so that Part 3 makes more sense to you! Before I get into Part 3, I want to acknowledge that far worse things […]

Unplugged – Part 2

If you haven’t yet read Min Unplugged – Part 1, I highly recommend that you read that first before reading this. +++ How was I betrayed I hear you ask?  I was betrayed in so many ways, but mostly it was my trust that was betrayed. I really […]

Words to live by

[Image Credit:  Words & illustration by  Bianca Cash] +++ I chose this quote for today’s ‘Mindful Monday’ because it has simple but very strong words that are great words to live by. I’ll break it down and give my thoughts on each word and how I think I’m […]