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Christmas Tree and Gifts

Crazy times but it’s all good!

The Christmas season can sometimes get a little crazy!  There are usually lots of parties, too much food, too much alcohol, lots of shopping for gifts (shopping centres and parking wars!), money stress (all that spending!), what to wear to each event (not to mention Christmas day), cooking […]

Unplugged – Part 3

If you have not yet read Min Unplugged – Part 1 and Unplugged – Part 2, then I recommend you read them before reading this, so that Part 3 makes more sense to you! Before I get into Part 3, I want to acknowledge that far worse things […]

Unplugged – Part 2

If you haven’t yet read Min Unplugged – Part 1, I highly recommend that you read that first before reading this. +++ How was I betrayed I hear you ask?  I was betrayed in so many ways, but mostly it was my trust that was betrayed. I really […]

betrayal at work

Min Unplugged – Part 1

I said some time ago that I was going to write a blog post called ‘Min Unplugged’ where I would reveal more about myself and the incident that occurred in May 2012 that caused me pain and illness.  Until now, it has only ever been something I have […]