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365 Grateful – Day 182

I’m grateful for community art groups who collaborate, have visions, and create thought-provoking artworks to suit the environment on which they stand. The photograph above is part of ‘The Mudflat Sculpture’ constructed in the early 1990’s at Lota Camping Reserve, Lota.  Lota is a nearby suburb to me. […]

365 Grateful – Day 167

I’ve started sorting through all the accumulated stuff in the ‘study’ area today.  I have plans of converting it into my blogging space.  It once used to be the hub for all the family to use.  We used to just have the one computer, but the kids all […]

365 Grateful – Day 106

I’m grateful for quirky arty sculptures that surprise and delight! I love this little ant critter that I bought quite a long time ago.  I would love more sculptures of many varieties and sizes to have around the place but unfortunately they usually come with a hefty price […]