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365 Grateful – Days 292 to 300

365 Grateful – Day 292:  It seems I could never be a cleaner (phew!).  All that cleaning and fussing before my sister’s arrival resulted in sore wrists, though my left wrist is by far the worst.  The soreness increased to full on pain, swelling, and an inability to […]

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365 Grateful – Days 257 to 260

365 Grateful – Day 257:  A friend who was visiting commented on the beautiful trunk of the snow gum tree on our footpath!  Of course I told her that it was in fact a Leopard tree.  It does have a beautiful trunk doesn’t it?! 365 Grateful – Day […]

My week according to Instagram

I’ve decided to link up with Janet of Redland City Living this week with MWATI (my week according to Instagram) for the first time.  I’ve excluded the six (6) grateful photos posted to Instagram as they are already on my blog.  These are all just phone snaps so […]

365 Grateful – Day 177

Happy Easter everyone!  We had a lovely day today over at my parents house with family for Easter Sunday lunch.  I forgot to take my camera and though I had my phone, was too busy chatting to remember to take photo’s.  That was until a cockatoo landed on […]

365 Grateful – Day 42

I’m grateful that I had the privilege today of capturing through my camera lens some beautiful photographs of this nest of Currawongs in a Leopard tree in the backyard of my parents house. Today the MinsMash crew headed to my parents house for lunch to celebrate my father’s […]