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Imagine, Believe, Achieve

I thought this quote was appropriate for today.  Last night I enrolled in an on-line course and am now studying for a Diploma in Professional Photography.  I am excited and of course a little nervous. This quote is perfect for me right now.  I will IMAGINE myself succeeding […]

Accept – Then Act

There is no need for my de-constructive words on this one. In my opinion, this is a powerful and brilliant quote and needs no explanation! Recently, a friend told me of a book she’d read written by Eckhart Tolle which has transformed her life and given her so […]

Dreams and Reality

I love this quote because this is what I am aiming to do…’find that place where my dreams and reality collide’ (but without the ‘maybe’). At the moment, I am investigating what my dreams are and then I WILL make it happen. By ‘dreams’ I don’t mean things […]

What calls you?

Isn’t this a wonderful quote?!   Removing all the noise and routine of life, what is still there calling you?  What pulls on your soul? Everyone apparently has a purpose or calling…..something they are meant to do. This is the road I’m travelling right now: trying to find my […]

Note to self

This quote is something I should print out and put on my fridge as a constant reminder to myself! As I’ve said in previous posts, I am a perfectionist and I am very self-critical.  These are things I am working on.  I am not as much of a […]


This quote caught my attention because I am transitioning from living my life in one way to another way – hopefully a happier, more peaceful way of life.  On reading this quote, as Oprah would say … I had a lightbulb moment! I am always saying that I […]

Dreams are renewable!

When I read this quote, it is like it was written for me.  I’m in my late 40’s (no matter what our age).  That might seem quite old when you’re say in your 20’s but trust me, it’s not that old when you arrive at this age!  I’ve […]