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Post visitor ramblings!

Well hello there! My sister, niece and nephew left on Tuesday night.  I was sad.  You get used to having the company and it left a bit of a hole when they went.  The house seemed so quiet and empty!  I’m just starting to get used to it […]

365 Grateful – Day 112

I’m grateful for the new growth on this Frangipani (otherwise known as Plumeria), evidence it is flourishing.  It was a cutting from my mother’s garden.  It is ready to be planted in the ground.  I just need to work out the right spot for it! 🙂

365 Grateful – Day 81

I’m grateful that my herb garden is still alive and actually flourishing!! See the edge of the blue pot to the left?  Well I won’t mention the demise of its occupant because the rest are looking gorgeous!   To read a bit of history on my potted herb garden, […]