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365 Grateful – Day 187

After many, many years of teetering around the city in high heels, these days I take much better care of my feet.  I don’t have much choice really because my feet really hurt if I try to wear the shoes I used to.  If I wear heels these […]

365 Grateful – Day 103

I never set out to feature my feet so much on my blog!  It has just turned out that way for some reason.  They are not the most beautiful feet out there but then I’m not that fussed on feet at all except for the fact they are […]

365 Grateful – Day 8

Today I’m grateful for my feet.  If you think about it, your feet are your primary source of transportation and they are free.  Over my lifetime so far they have taken me many places and allowed me to do many things, and for that and all the places […]