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365 Grateful – Days 209 to 212

365 Grateful – Day 209:  Grateful for some pampering at a hair appointment and grateful to restock some essential hair products! On Thursday I had a hairdressing appointment.  I love my hairdressing appointments!  I particularly love the scalp massage when they put the conditioning hair treatment in.  I […]

Flashback Friday: 1976

Today I’m flashing back to 1976. In February 1976 the fifth and last child in our family was born.  My sister Jacqueline (known to us as Jackie).  She wasn’t planned, but was a lovely surprise!  If she had been a boy, she was going to be called Matthew.  […]

365 Grateful – Day 161

Today, there is more than one thing for which I am grateful. Today is my dog Chelsea’s 13th birthday.  She is a tri-colour Cavalier King Charles Spaniel.  13 in dog years is equivalent to 91 in human years! On 26 February it was my youngest sister’s birthday.  Today, […]

Welcome Home Mum!

I am home from our holiday at Caloundra and back to proper internet access!   This morning as I’ve been wandering around doing stuff, I found myself mentally writing a blog post (do other bloggers do that?) so why not actually WRITE a blog post and get it all […]

365 Grateful – Day 139

It’s just Ava and I at the beach house until tomorrow afternoon.  MrMM has taken MissM and the boys back home and will return tomorrow.  MissM had to go back as she is performing over the weekend.  She also has other commitments during next week.  The following week […]

365 Grateful – Day 99

I’m grateful for New Year’s Eve 2012 – where amongst other guests, I will have all three of my sisters here for dinner and to see in the new year. MrMM will be christening his new barbeque.  Salads have been made.  Champagne is chilling.  Cheese platter is ready. […]

365 Grateful – Day 93

I’m grateful to have had a wonderful Christmas day with my family. Hope you are all having a wonderful day also!  Merry Christmas! Today’s photograph is of the centrepiece on the dining table for Christmas lunch at mum and dad’s house.