life is not complex

Life is not complex. We are!

Love this quote and oh how true it is!  Our busy minds, aka ‘monkey minds’, creating complexity for us in a myriad of ways. Simplicity is the key to a less stressful life – healthy food, healthy bodies, healthy minds, good sleep, and doing what makes us happy. […]


Worry can make you sick

Worry can make you sick.  Did you know that?  There’s a whole gamut of physical effects it can have on your body.  Do a google search on “can worry make you sick” and you’ll soon see lists of the effects of worry on your health. I’m a worrier. […]


Recently when I was on Facebook, I went to check the page of a friend to see how she was.  I knew she’d been unwell and was interested to see if things had improved for her.  It was then I discovered she had unfriended me. I’m not upset […]

Back Home!

Hello there!  My time in Sydney sped by and is now over – for this visit anyway.  I arrived back in Brisbane on Friday afternoon to rain, glorious rain!  We certainly could do with some more of it – it’s very dry around these parts.  It’s very dry […]

Sydney Bound!

Just a quick post to let you know that I’m off to beautiful Sydney tomorrow to stay with my sister for the week.  There won’t be any blog posts while I’m away, but if you are on Instagram there are sure to be heaps of photo’s of my […]