Mini Quiches

Mini Quiches

I mentioned in yesterday’s post that I was going to be making Mini Quiches today and that I would post the recipe at some point.  This morning I thought – why not take the bull by the horns, snap some photographs as I cooked them today and get […]

Christmas Tree and Gifts

Crazy times but it’s all good!

The Christmas season can sometimes get a little crazy!  There are usually lots of parties, too much food, too much alcohol, lots of shopping for gifts (shopping centres and parking wars!), money stress (all that spending!), what to wear to each event (not to mention Christmas day), cooking […]


My first bestie & how I got my nickname

The fabulous Kerri Sackville is running a blogging challenge involving a #MyFirst theme each week.  This week is #MyFirst…Bestie and as I have been meaning for a long time to tell the story behind my nickname, I am joining in! In late 1963/early 1964 two neighbours in a western suburb […]

Christmas words


Can you believe it is December and therefore not long till Christmas?  That crept up fast didn’t it?! I’ve been so busy with my twin’s 21st (amongst other things) that December arrived before I knew it!  I am not prepared at all for Christmas yet.  Thank goodness we […]

21st birthday cakes

365 Grateful – Days 317 to 320

365 Grateful – Day 317:  We’ve been having quite a few storms here in Brisbane.  On two occasions we had hail!  The first time the hail was only very small but the second time the hail was as big as golf balls and certainly got our attention quick […]

Osteoarthritis treatments

The Plan of Action

Yesterday on the blog I revealed that I have Osteoarthritis (see here) – mainly in my fingers and wrists. Since I published that post, I’ve been doing a bit of on-line research with regards to natural supplements that might be best to help treat the condition. This post […]

wrist xray

So it’s official …

I have Osteoarthritis! I know, I know … you think of arthritis and you think of this … but this does not mean I am an old lady … OK! 😉 I found out today.  It’s not really a surprise.  I have had aching joints in my fingers […]