Zucchini and Parmesan Soup

Zucchini and Parmesan Soup

The winter chills have finally arrived!!  Hip hip hooray!  I love the cold (yes I know I am a bit weird) and after SUCH a long, hot summer I have been eagerly awaiting some proper winter weather.    So now – at last – we have the most […]

Monty of Montville

Meet Monty! Monty the owl is my one and only purchase from our time up at Montville.  I was quite taken with Monty.  He is made of pretty fabrics and out of all the owls in this particular shop, he stood out to me.  I think he was […]


A lovely day out!

My 50th birthday celebrations continue!!  Let’s drag it out for as long as possible I say.  Heck – why not make the rest of this year a celebration!  Why not indeed?! 🙂 Yesterday was a lovely day out!  A good friend of mine and I were meant to […]

country fence, barbed wire, cattle

A little bit country!

My name is Marguerite, commonly known as Min and I am now FIFTY … yes 50! … years of age and I love the country, particularly hinterlands.  Yep, I just adore it up in the mountains!! Mr MM and I recently had 3 nights up at Montville and […]

The last day in my 40’s

Well hello there! Today is the very last day I will be forty anything!  Yep – tomorrow I turn the big 5-0.  I’m not going to lie, it feels very strange, but I think I am ready for it. So what have I done with myself on this […]

It's May

Pull up a chair. Let’s Chat!

Hi there! Can you believe it is May already?  It has suddenly gone from hot and humid summer to lovely cool mornings and evenings. Ahhhhhh – at long, long last!!  In case you don’t already know it, I absolutely love winter!!  Before you think I’m nuts though, you’ve […]



“There is a laser beam of longing piercing through my chest I have no patience, I am cranky, and senseless crappy words come out of my mouth like vomit My head is fuzzy and I cannot concentrate I pace, I lie down, I am lost My fingernails have […]