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Flashback Friday: My Twin Boys

I love this photograph of my boys holding hands at the beach when they were little.  Such sweet innocents they were then.  The world was one big wonder!  This was taken at a holiday at Caloundra.  I think it was taken around January 1996. They loved the beach […]

Flashback Friday: 1995

The 3rd of May is a very special day.  It’s my mother’s birthday.  In 1995 on the 3rd of May (mum’s birthday!) my mum and dad come over to our place to look after our two-year old twin boys while I went to hospital to give birth to […]

Flashback Friday: Circa 1997/98

I stumbled across this photo this morning and it brought back so many memories that I decided to use it today.  From the left we have Twin1, MissM, Twin2.  I’m guessing that MissM is 2-3 years of age and the boys 4-5.  The boys were obviously about to […]

365 Grateful – Day 181

I’m grateful that my children (twin boys 20 and daughter nearly 18) are kind-hearted, good and sensible young adults. I don’t publish current day photographs of my kids on my blog, so chose a photo from some years back to use today.  Why oh why did I not […]

Flashback Friday – Twin Duet

It was a hot summer’s day in late 1993.   A mother of twins (me) was very tired after another day of looking after Twin1 and Twin2.  To distract them from pulling at each other’s hair, she had spent some time showing them how to play the piano. That […]

365 Grateful – Day 167

I’ve started sorting through all the accumulated stuff in the ‘study’ area today.  I have plans of converting it into my blogging space.  It once used to be the hub for all the family to use.  We used to just have the one computer, but the kids all […]

365 Grateful – Day 149

Last week my daughter (MissM) had an interview at a local coffee/cake shop for a casual part-time job.  Today she went off for a 2 hour trial.  Tomorrow she hears whether she gets the job or not.  There are at least two of them that got to the […]