Category: 365 Grateful Project

365 Grateful – Day 184

I’m grateful for a lovely Sunday afternoon spent with family having lunch followed by seeing Legally Blonde at the Lyric Theatre at the Queensland Performing Arts Centre (QPAC). I went with my mum, two sisters and my daughter and it was amazing!  I thoroughly enjoyed it! 🙂 The […]

365 Grateful – Day 183

I’m grateful for the end of my book drought with the arrival at the library of a long ago ordered book! I’ve said before on my blog that I love reading!  I normally ALWAYS have a book on the go and usually a pile waiting.  Sadly though, I […]

365 Grateful – Day 182

I’m grateful for community art groups who collaborate, have visions, and create thought-provoking artworks to suit the environment on which they stand. The photograph above is part of ‘The Mudflat Sculpture’ constructed in the early 1990’s at Lota Camping Reserve, Lota.  Lota is a nearby suburb to me. […]

365 Grateful – Day 181

I’m grateful that my children (twin boys 20 and daughter nearly 18) are kind-hearted, good and sensible young adults. I don’t publish current day photographs of my kids on my blog, so chose a photo from some years back to use today.  Why oh why did I not […]

365 Grateful – Day 180

I’m grateful for my footstool/ottoman (I call it my ‘poof’ but I was trying to be politically correct) that I brought back with me from a trip over to Singapore. I bought it from Arab Street.  I not only love how it looks, but my feet appreciate it […]

365 Grateful – Day 179

I’m grateful for time.  Specifically, the gift of time that I have to heal, reflect, and re-map my life following a bad situation that occurred in mid-2012.  In hindsight, perhaps that bad situation was a blessing in disguise. It is impossible to photograph the gift of time, so […]

365 Grateful – Day 178

It’s another nature photo today.  I spent some time today watering the plants out on and near the front patio and out in the back pergola area.  They had been neglected and were showing signs of distress (oops!).  You know when you have a lot of rainy weather […]

365 Grateful – Day 177

Happy Easter everyone!  We had a lovely day today over at my parents house with family for Easter Sunday lunch.  I forgot to take my camera and though I had my phone, was too busy chatting to remember to take photo’s.  That was until a cockatoo landed on […]

365 Grateful – Day 176

I’m grateful for a really enjoyable walk along the waterfront with my hubby late this afternoon.  What a beautiful day!  The weather forecast was for rain today but the rain never came.  Hooray!  As you can see, the tide was out but it is still so beautiful along […]

365 Grateful – Day 175

My grateful photo’s often are of things in nature.  As I’ve got older, I notice nature more.  Nature is beautiful, soothing and actually quite therapeutic!  It makes me happy.  I see amazing things that when I was younger would never have been noticed.  Some are typically beautiful (like […]