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365 Grateful – Days 257 to 260

365 Grateful – Day 257:  A friend who was visiting commented on the beautiful trunk of the snow gum tree on our footpath!  Of course I told her that it was in fact a Leopard tree.  It does have a beautiful trunk doesn’t it?! 365 Grateful – Day […]

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365 Grateful – Days 253 to 256

365 Grateful – Day 253:  I’m grateful to live somewhere where I can see this!  I love being near the water for so many reasons.  I love to walk by the water and listen to the soothing sounds of the lapping water.  I love the bird life around […]

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365 Grateful – Days 250 to 252

Over the last few days, I’ve been very grateful for the following things: 365 Grateful – Day 250:  Passing these little shrubs with tiny pom-pom flowers dancing in the breeze every time I go out to hang washing on the line. 365 Grateful – Day 251:  Building, creating, […]

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365 Grateful – Days 244 to 249

I had some time today so am playing catch up’s with my 365 Grateful Project!  I’m grateful for the following things: 365 Grateful – Day 244:  The final removal of some very sad and very dead Cycads.  They were once beautiful but sadly were killed by a moth […]

Moreton Bay, Wynnum Manly

365 Grateful – Days 240 to 243

365 Grateful – Day 240:  I’m very grateful to live near the water, where I can go for walks and not only see water (Moreton Bay) but seagulls, pelicans and cute little vintage yellow boats like the one you see here.  This is Wynnum Creek where it goes […]

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365 Grateful – Days 237 to 239

365 Grateful – Day 237:  These succulent plants in pots that hang on my pool fence are so hardy.  They are the only plant I have had success with in this very exposed full sun position.  The flowers they produce are beautiful and every time I pass I […]


365 Grateful – Days 234 to 236

365 Grateful – Day 234:  More and more I find myself inspired by nature.  Lately I am enjoying and photographing all different shaped and coloured leaves.  I love this leaf of a plant (the name of the plant escapes me at the moment) in my backyard and such […]

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365 Grateful – Days 230 to 233

365 Grateful – Day 230:  Due to events over the last 12 months, my creativity had taken a bit of a holiday.  I’m grateful that a creative idea for my blog popped into my head.  It may only be small.  It may still be under development … but […]

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365 Grateful – Days 227 to 229

365 Grateful – Day 227:  Grateful to have all the family home for dinner to celebrate MrMM’s birthday! The photograph today is one of MrMM’s birthday gifts (Inferno by Dan Brown) and a selection of birthday cards. 365 Grateful – Day 228:  Every once in a while, I […]