Change is coming – very soon!

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I am so excited!  My new blog is starting to take shape and is nearly ready to be revealed!

I am bursting to tell you all the name of the new blog but you’d all be like kids at Christmas wouldn’t you and off you’d go poking around over at my friend Mr Google’s house trying to have a peak.  So, I think it is best I wait until it is ready for viewing before I let the cat out of the bag!  Otherwise, it would be like inviting people over to your new home before it had been painted, carpeted and furnished! 😉

I can tell you that it is has lots of white space, it’s simple and uncluttered and it is visually calming and peaceful – just how I wanted it.  It is also self-hosted which allows me to have plug-ins and all sorts of things I have never had access to before.

I have been working behind the scenes setting up house at the new blog with the help of Katrina Chambers without whom I would not have been able to bring my vision to life!  She has the patience of a saint! There is so much technical stuff I have yet to learn and understand and I have had so many questions for her (the poor thing!).  I should polish her shoes or shine her an apple or something!

To keep you all in the loop, here are some changes that will be happening quite soon:

  • All my social media’s will change to the new blog name:  Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram and Facebook.  MinsMash on Facebook is scheduled to change name on 3 November so I will probably make the change with the rest at the same time!
  • I will publish a final post here at MinsMash which will be directing readers to the new bloggy home.
  • Things will be a little different at the new blog.  Instead of subscribing to follow the blog and receiving email notifications (at a frequency of your choice) when I publish a new post (as is the case here at MinsMash), over at the new blog there is the option to subscribe to receive my newsletter!  I am still deciding on the frequency of my newsletter but at this stage, I am thinking either fortnightly or monthly.  It will include links to posts published during the period from one newsletter to the next, and more!  I am hoping that my MinsMash followers will come across with me to the new blog, subscribe to my newsletter and help me get a lovely little community happening over there!
  • I will eventually close the commenting option on all of MinsMash’s blog posts and also close the MinsMash email address.

Obviously, once the name of the new blog starts appearing on my social media – I will reveal it here to you all.  MinsMash will remain here on the interwebs to refer back to – but will not longer be active.  I am not sad about closing up MinsMash.  Change is inevitable and I am going with the natural flow of events.  Of course, MinsMash will always hold a special place in my heart (just like my first home does!) and I will always be grateful to MinsMash for all it has taught me.

Sometimes I think I am a crazy woman!  I am starting a new photography business and at the same time launching a new blog!  Busy days but I would not change a thing.  I am chipping away at my dreams and every day I get closer to achieving them!

Thank you to all of you for supporting me along the way!

Ciao for now,

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POSTSCRIPT:   Since I first published this post, the lovely Katrina and I have thrown a cloak of invisibility (Harry Potter style) over the new blog, so I will be revealing the name of the new blog sooner than planned.  Watch this space! 😉


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  1. I only just saw this today Min ,how excited you must be and good luck with your new photograpy business as well I’m sure you will do well Xx

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    • I love secrets and surprises too Em! What fun! I really hope you are right and everything comes together for me and 2015 will be my year! I wish the same for you lovely! xo


  2. If you know me, you’ll know that I open presents before Christmas then re-wrap them so reading something like this is driving me nuts, starting to scratch my neck and get incredibly impatient. lol Cannot wait to see it and am so very excited for you.


    • Yes exactly! … and my new home is gorgeously modern, fresh and uncluttered and just quietly a lovely breath of fresh air! Thank you for your good wishes. It sure is busy days for me at the moment!