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Exciting things are in the air!

I had planned a morning out at the Mount Cootha Botanic Gardens to take a heap more photo’s towards my final assignment, but I’m not feeling very well so decided to give it a miss and try again tomorrow.

I have heaps of washing to get done anyway and I wanted to share some of what has been going on in my world with you. Exciting things are in the air!

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I have to say, for a person who walked away from the corporate life I sure am keeping myself busy but oh how sweet it is to be busy on my own terms! 😉

Here’s a bit of a glimpse into what I’ve been up to:

  • The biggest and most exciting news is that the creation of my new blog has begun! I’m keeping it all a bit SECRET SQUIRREL at the moment but here is what I can tell you.   I have decided on the name of my new blog, and its tagline. I have had an image created for the banner and I have someone I trust 100% designing the blog for me (because I have absolutely no idea about techy stuff!). I’ve secured the domain name for .com and and will be going self-hosted with Bluehost. Once my final photography assignment is complete, I will set to work with lots of planning and you will be hearing more! Excitement much?!
  • I had a great morning out with my hubby (the poor thing played photography assistant and helped lug all my gear!) at Roma Street Parklands taking photographs last weekend. See some of the photo’s I took here (and there is a link to where you can see more).
  • I’ve been editing hundreds and hundreds of photo’s in the hope of finding six (6) brilliant ones for my final assignment. I think I could possibly have the final six amongst my stock of images but I still want to take some more to be sure!
  • I took my boys shopping for business attire (they will be 22 in November but will always be my boys). OMG! They are at interview and looking for a job stage. One has graduated and one will graduate in the first half of next year. The one still at University (Twin2) had to wear business attire every day this week as he went around with a real camera crew living the life of a journalist. He looked so spiffy as he headed off each day! 🙂
  • I mindfully desire a good balance of Mind, Body and Spirit, but I realized that I had dropped the ball with regards to my body. So, I’ve made some pretty radical dietary changes in a bid to rid myself of some (lots) of unwanted weight and am pleased to report that this week I am 1.5 kg’s lighter than last week! Portion sizes and too much snacking was my most major problem.
  • I’ve been taking the FREE KidSpot eLearning Bloggers’ Masterclass Series each Wednesday! Are you a blogger?  Are you doing them? You so should! There have been two so far and both have had some awesome blogging tips!
  • I’m participating in a RAW processing class via Facebook with legendary Photoshop guru Damien Symonds. Ask me about it if you’re keen to improve your Photoshop skills!
  • Reading books like ‘Getting Started in Small Business for Dummies’ and ‘Photoshop CS6 Book for Digital Photographers by Scott Kelby’.
  • I’ve registered my photography business name, bought the domain name (again for .com and, got an ABN and PO Box. Still a website to be sorted and lots of stuff to be done like writing a business plan!
  • Um … oh yeah … cooking for the family, laundry, housework and stuff.
  • …. this list is getting too long … let’s just say … and more stuff!! 😉

What have you been up to?

Ciao for now!

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  1. wow Min I’m so pleased for you ,I hope everything you have planned goes well and good lucky on your photography assignment.i also hear you on the cooking cleaning and washing it is never ending!

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    • Thank you Lisa! It can all get a little overwhelming at times so the best approach is to just chip away bit by bit towards my goals rather than focussing so much on the whole lot of what needs to be done – if you know what I mean! YES – the cooking, cleaning and washing is never ending!! xo