Brisbane’s Central Park

On Sunday, MrMM (my photography assistant) and I went into the city to Brisbane’s Roma Street Parklands so that I could wander around taking photographs.  I need heaps and heaps of images so that hopefully I can find six (6) brilliant ones amongst them to submit for my final photography assignment.

We went armed with a thermos of coffee, bottled water and morning tea.  Here are just some of my favourite shots edited so far.  I still have hundreds to go through!!  If you want to see more – you can at the Marguerite Louise Photography FB page.

I am ashamed to say that even though I worked in the city for many, many years – I had never been to Roma Street Parklands before.  I had been to nearby Roma Street Railway Station but not the parklands!  They are beautiful!

Ducks on pond

Lotus Flower

Water Dragon

Spikes and Bokeh

Waterfall in Fern Gully


Duck out of Water

Field of Flowers

Lavender & White Flowers

Yellow Puffs of Cheer

Kangaroo Paws

Ciao for now,

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    • Thanks Tamara! Oh my goodness – I can’t believe your son fell into the pond! How old was he? Did it have a fence around it then coz it does now! 🙂


    • Thanks Kaz! BrizVegas has some stunning spots – these Roma Street Parklands, Southbank, Botanic Gardens in the city and at Mt Cootha … and more! 🙂


  1. Min these are gorgeous. I have not been to the parklands in a very long time. You have inspired me to go now that I can view it through artistic eyes. Xxx


    • Many thanks Deb! That was the first time I had EVER been to the parklands. Can you believe it! It is because I worked for many years in the city and the city became a ‘workplace’ for me. I never had time to wander parks etc. Lunch breaks were usually spent at my desk! I was such a committed fool back then. I know better now 😉 x


    • Thanks Rita! Yes I remember you telling me how beautiful the Roma Street Parklands were when we met up that day. I felt a bit embarrassed that I live in Brisbane but yet I had never been there. At least I can say I have now and I was very impressed 🙂 x