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I don’t think there is a person in the world who doesn’t know that I have been sick (well except those zillions that don’t read my blog haha)!   I certainly did have a bit of a moan about it.  In my defence though, it was pretty horrid (high fevers and throat of barbed wire) and dragged on for over 2 weeks!

As soon as I started to feel a bit better (i.e. my temp dropped) I headed out for an hour with my camera.  I went to the waterfront where I always feel happy and uplifted and I snapped some pics.  I love that there is a Wordless Wednesday so that I can share them with you!

Manly Boat Harbour - BrisbaneManly Boat Harbour

Wynnum Jetty - BrisbaneWynnum Jetty
(spot 2 people)

Wynnum Jetty - BrisbaneWynnum Jetty
(spot 3 people)

Wynnum Jetty from Pandanus BeachWynnum Jetty – taken from Pandanus Beach

pandanus beach, wynnumA perfect spot for quiet contemplation
(near Pandanus Beach, Wynnum)

A quiet spot from Pandanus BeachThat perfect spot for quiet contemplation – taken from Pandanus Beach

PandanusPandanus – along the foreshore of Pandanus Beach
and the reason for the name of the beach


Ciao for now,

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    • Thanks Steph! I love the lines of the jetty photo’s too. I’ve looked at them too long now though and can see all the faults. I’ve been on another outing since and taken some more lovely shots along our foreshore 🙂


      • It’s terrible isn’t it Steph – how we can be so critical of ourselves *sigh*! Anyway – I’ve just shared those new shots in a new post. I need to look away now or I’ll start picking them apart too! LOL