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August FMS Photo a Day

Hello there from my sick-bed!  Apologies for the lack of posts recently.  I’m at Day 8 of what the doctor believes to be a horrid strain of the flu (the real flu).  I have not felt this sick in a very, very long time.  It is hard to believe that I got this, for a number of reasons:

  1. I had a flu vaccination in May.  I get the flu vac every year and have done so for many years and have been flu free for all that time!
  2. I’m not commuting to and from the city every day on a train like I used to and I’m not working in an air-conditioned office block – both high risk at exposure to flu germs.  I’m mostly at home!  Very strange!

Anyway, it got me and as I’m a believer in things happening for a reason, I guess this was meant to happen for a reason.  I had some thoughts on some possible reasons which I listed on Instagram yesterday afternoon but won’t go into again here.

The doc tells me that I’d be far sicker if I hadn’t had the flu vac.  Considering how sick I have been, I hate to think how sick those who are unvaccinated get.  I do know that many people have been hospitalised with it this year!  I’ve just had a bit of bad luck this year.  As I have a very dodgy immune system, I will continue to get the flu vaccination every year!

So in a moment of a lower than usual temperature (hoping it stays down and means it is on its way out? *fingers crossed*), I thought I’d try and get this post done – my first for September!  To be honest, in lucid moments yesterday I put together the collages you see below, so all I’ve got to do is string a few words together and do some publishing and linky stuff.

As I’m linking up with Wordless Wednesday today – I have obviously written far too many words (lol) so will now try to limit my remaining words except to say that if any of the pictures that relate to the daily prompts don’t make sense to you,  you’ll need to head to my Instagram (here) to see what I had to say which may help.  You will notice a decline towards the end of the month as I got sick! 😉

As I’ve been unwell, I opted out of participating in #fmsphotoaday for September.

(NB:  With the exception of the photo for Day 1, all photo’s were taken with my phone)

FMS Aug 1-9

FMS Aug 10-31

Ciao for now,

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    • Thanks Robyn, me too! I’ve been miserable and blah for far too long! Ahhh 21 – I call that “paint the sky pink” and I think I commented something like “loving how flowers can decorate the sky” (‘decorate’ being the prompt word for the day). The full photo is much nicer 🙂 xo


    • Thanks Em. Oh yes – 14 is ‘give’ and shows my gorgeous fur babies sitting patiently for a liver treat 🙂 26 shows the ingredients (minus a few) of my home made muesli that I usually have for ‘breakfast’ and 21 is ‘decorate’ and my image is showing how I love how flowers can decorate the sky 🙂 Yes I think the FMSPhotoaday is a great idea for WW but probably not with as many words as I had LOL (it had been a while between posts)!! xo


  1. Hope you’re feeling better soon. I haven’t done FMS photo a day for a while but keep telling myself I will. Like Em I love the idea of sharing it on a Wednesday!


    • Thanks Deb – me too! It’s dragged on so long that I’m becoming a little too miserable and grumpy!! It’s fun doing the FMS it really gets you thinking and brings out the creative side 🙂


  2. Love your August collection!

    I am feeling for you having had the flu twice this year (yes the real flu Nasal swab and all) I missed my flu Vax as I had the flu early on in the year and then about 3 weeks ago I copped a second milder bout.

    I hope you are well soon xx


    • OMG Amy – 2 flu’s in a year!! You have my sympathies! This is my 9th day of having a throat so sore it is hard to swallow and a high temp that not only makes me feel bad but takes all my energy and I’m getting all grumpy and annoyed. My family would move out if I got this again this year! LOL Thanks for the get well wishes! xo


  3. I can never keep up with photo prompts. I’m sad to say my creativity is limited as I so often am stumped with a prompt so I admire someone who can do an entire month. Lovely shots.

    I hope you feel better very very soon. The flu is THE WORST!


    • Thanks Vicki. Must admit I was stumped on some days and some photo’s are slack in comparison to others. Some days I had more time to think and stage creativity and other days I didn’t. It’s all fun though 🙂 Thank you for the get well wishes, I am so sick of being sick – waahhh!! 😉 xo