I finally dove in …

Pool deck

… and created a photography Facebook page!  It is totally nerve-wracking and just quietly I am feeling a little terrified.

Most of the students where I study have had a photography Facebook page from the very start of their studies.  I have held off, for many reasons:

  1. I wanted to wait until my photography was better
  2. I didn’t know what to call myself
  3. I wanted to wait till I had a name and a logo
  4. I was scared

Well my photography is better than it used to be but there is still much to learn and so I totally know that it will continue to improve as I learn more.  I finally, with the help of you guys (thank you!) decided on a name!  My logo is not far away!!  I am STILL scared but oh well what the heck – decided to dive in just like I dove in blindly and started this blog!

Why would I be nerve-wracked and terrified, I hear you ask?  Especially considering I have a blog and a Facebook page for my blog?  I’m practiced at putting myself out there, right?  Not really, a blog is very different from Photography.  The Photography world can be quite scary.  Photographers can be quite judgmental and nasty to other photographers and very critical of each others work.  I’ve seen it first hand.  So, by having a photography Facebook page, I am putting myself out there for judgement by a world of photographers who all have different styles, likes and tastes etc.  Then again, there are also lots of photographers out there that are kind and supportive and from whom I can learn even more.  In a perfect world, all photographers the world over would know that photography is a continual journey of learning and would support and encourage one and other, regardless of how far into the learning process they are.  I plan on coming across those kind, supportive and encouraging photographers only.  😉

If you have been reading my blog for some time,  you would know that I have become quite passionate about living more mindfully.  After many years of living a stressful full-time corporate life whilst juggling 3 kids, running a house, being on school committees, trying to exercise and eat right etc etc, as well as being stressed – I lost the ability to slow down and see the beauty and simple uplifting and inspirational things and happenings that were going on around me every day.  SO, I have decided that my photography will be all about capturing mindful moments.  You can read more in the about page on the Facebook page – though I will probably change those words a zillion times in the next couple of weeks.  I’m always wordsmithing! lol

So, I went ‘live’ late yesterday afternoon with my Marguerite Louise Photography Facebook page.  I have a logo yet to come and need to get many more images on there.  Problem is that most of my images were taken on my old camera and have been edited with my old watermarks (MG, MG  Photography, Marguerite G Photography etc).  My new camera takes photographs of such a superior quality that I cannot bring myself to post too many of my older images on the new FB page, though I am trawling through them to see if any are good enough for a re-edit and publishing on the page.  A huge job!

I have some field trips planned for shoots towards my final assignment – so many more images will be coming soon.

At the moment, the Marguerite Louise Photography Facebook page is sitting at 47 likes.  I’d love to hit 50 likes today.  If you would like to be part of my photography journey, see my photos and watch me improve and prosper (haha – hopefully) – please like my page.  You’ll find it here.

Here’s a screenshot so you know what it looks like:


Thank you so much for your support!

Ciao for now,

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  1. I was number 58 woo hoo. Love that you are diving in. Look forward to more of your beautiful images xx deb


    • Thank you so much Deb for liking my new page. It means a lot to me! Can’t wait to be well again so I can get out and about shooting and share some fabulous new images 🙂 xo