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And the winning name is …


Marguerite Louise Photography !!

Thank you so much to everyone who voted or commented – either here on the blog, via twitter or on the MinsMash Facebook page!  You all helped make what was SUCH a hard decision so much easier.

I will keep you posted on how things progress with Marguerite Louise Photography.

I can tell you that I have just engaged someone to design my logo and watermark.  Yes I’m getting all proper and stuff!  It is exciting!

Once my logo is done, I will be creating a photography Facebook page.

Stay tuned, and in honour of Robin Williams (who I adored).

Na-Nu Na-Nu,

Min Signature - Dec13

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    • Thank you so much Em and bless you for commenting when I haven’t even linked up anywhere. I don’t usually get comments unless I link up but I don’t always have time to. So merci beaucoup mon ami!! xo