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Poll: Help me decide on a photography business name – Part 2

A huge big thank you to everyone who voted in the poll in my post published on Tuesday.  From the bottom of my heart, I really genuinely appreciate you taking the time to help me with this decision.  Here are the results:

poll results

The results of Tuesday’s poll have helped me to decide to ditch the possible photography business name of ‘Marguerite G. Photography’.  I’m sorry to those two who voted for a business name that does not include my actual name, but I have decided to go with the pull within me that wants to reclaim my name of Marguerite.  However, if  you read on you might be pleased to know that I am throwing another option into the ring.

Since I posted that poll I have done a google search on Marguerite Photography and this screenshot shows the results.



So there looks to be at least two ‘Marguerite Photography’ businesses but neither are in Australia.  One is in Cape Town, South Africa and the other is in Hastings, Minnesota, USA.  The other results show other names thrown in with the Marguerite Photography.  So there are at least two other Marguerite Photography’s out there in the world, but none here in Australia (as far as I know).

Since I posted the poll on Tuesday, another thought came to me when I stumbled upon another photographer who calls her business by her first and second (middle) name.  I really liked how it looked and sounded, which got me to wondering whether my first and second name would work as a business name?  My first name is Marguerite.  My second name is Louise.  So together that makes … Marguerite Louise Photography.  I have googled Marguerite Louise Photography and it comes up with zilch, nada, nothing!  It would be the one and only Marguerite Louise Photography in the world (as far as I know!).

So, I have decided to run another poll to help me make the final decision between Marguerite Photography and Marguerite Louise Photography.  If you voted last time, please do vote again in this one.  If you haven’t voted before, please do on this one.  Here is a photograph repeated twice – once with each name.  It might just help you decide on your vote.

succulent, macro, plant

succulent, macro, plant

… and here is the POLL.  Many thanks for your VOTE!


Ciao for now,

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    • Don’t be sorry – it’s the truth I want to hear. Thanks so much for taking the time to vote. It all helps me with my decision making problem haha! 😉 xo


  1. A friend recently changed her webpage to her first and middle name to cut down on the length of her name, as she kept her maiden name and added a married name to it. I changed my name to my first and second because I’m no longer married and wasn’t fond of my maiden name. I love the name I was given at birth… Leanda Michelle. I’m an author, Sound Reiki Master and workshop facilitator. Nice to meet you ♥


  2. I love the idea of using your first and middle names because 1…. it sounds lovely,and 2…if there are ever other businesses that pop up with your first name in the title it is highly unlikely the middle name would also be the same, so you have a greater chance of remaining unique and special as you are.x.


    • Great to have your thoughts Deby! Some very good points you’ve made. I do kinda want to be unique and not have anyone else with the same name. You are so kind. Thank you! 🙂 xo