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Poll: Help me decide on my photography business name!

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I would love your help to make a decision that has been driving me crazy!

I need to decide on the name of my photography business.

It is TIME!  I need to get a logo designed, a website made, some business cards printed, and so on.

I have been thinking that it was high time I started using my given name of Marguerite.   I thought that maybe this was my opportunity!

As you’d know, I have been called Min for the majority of my life.  Here is the story of how I got Min from Marguerite.  One decision that I HAVE made is that I do not want to use Min in the name of my photography business.  I love being called Min – it’s friendly and warm – but it belongs in my private life with friends and family and of course my MinsMash blog readers!

I really like my name of Marguerite (I hated it as a kid).  I think it is a beautiful name and it is such a shame that I am not using it.  I think it has an elegance about it and certainly has a more professional ring to it than Min! 😉

The watermark I have been putting on my photographs lately to try out is ‘Marguerite G. Photography’.  My surname obviously starts with G.  However, I am re-thinking this now because I met up with a girlfriend recently and she suggested I should drop the G and just have Marguerite Photography.  As she said “why do you need the G”?  I suppose I don’t!  It doesn’t really serve any purpose as it doesn’t reveal my full surname and I certainly couldn’t include my full surname in the business name because it is too long and the whole thing would become far too wordy!

While there are various areas of photography that interest me and I still have some narrowing down to do.  I can tell you that I have absolutely no plans to be a wedding, family portrait, maternity or baby and children photographer!  The key message behind my photography will be to encourage people to live life more ‘mindfully’ which basically means to slow down and smell the roses, be more present in the moment, and notice all the things around you. So much beauty is not noticed and enjoyed due to us living such busy, stressful lives and far too often we are thinking of the past or the future and not living in the moment.  In a sense, my photography aims to capture mindful moments for them.  At one point, I was trying to come up with a photography business name that reflected this *key message* but the pull to use my name of Marguerite has been strong.  I now plan to have a “catch line” with a version of my logo that will reflect this intent.

So – I thought I’d ask my readers.  What do you think – with the G or without the G?  OR do you think I should come up with a different name altogether?

It might help to have a look at yesterday’s post where you can see my amateur watermarks – first three images have Marguerite G. Photography and final image has just Marguerite Photography.

Thanks for your feedback!

Ciao for now,

Min Signature - Dec13

p.s.  I have never done a poll on my blog before so please do let me know if there are any techy issues! Ta 🙂

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  1. I’ll cast my vote for Marguerite G, just in case there are other Marguerites other there. I remember reading a book years ago that Marguerite means “Pearl” in some other language, which I think is just beautiful! 🙂

    Visiting from #teamIBOT xxx


    • LOL – Margari-gee! Eeeww! Thanks Jess! Too true – Aussies can be slack with how we talk! I wonder if people know how to say Marguerite? It is pronounced MARG YOU REAT. Not MARG A REAT or MARG RET as so many people seem to say it – ugh!!


  2. What an exciting place to be with a new venture on the horizon 🙂 Marguerite is a beautiful name. My middle name is Margaret which I never really liked, but love now in my old age. I even gave my second daughter that name as her middle name.