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July FMS Photo a Day

I decided to participate in Fat Mum Slim’s Photo a Day challenge for the first time ever this month!  I have always wanted to play but was previously kept busy with my own 365 Grateful Project (now complete).

For this month, I have posted my photo’s daily on Instagram and this morning posted the last photo for the month – 31. Rise.  Here is the list of daily prompts for July!


Most of the photo’s were taken with my phone.  It’s been fun!  Will I continue and play along for August?  Hmmm – better make my mind up quickly because August starts tomorrow!!

I thought it would be nice to do a monthly wrap up of all the photo’s I posted to Instagram for July #fmsphotoaday here on my blog!  To see the photographs larger and with their full descriptions – go to MinsMash Instagram.  Here we go!

July FMS Photo a Day - MinsMash

July FMS Photo a Day - MinsMash

Here are descriptions for each day (generally shorter than those given on Instagram):

1 Red and White (Flowers) 2 Something beginning with K – Kooky Krazy Me
3 Match 4 Stars (I stuffed up – thought it was just ‘star’)
5 On the table – Happy hour with my sister from Sydney staying. 6 View – from the spa bath at the cottage at Montville we stayed at.
7 First – my first crumpet for this winter. 8 I’ve Never – seen soup disappear as quickly as this one does in my house.
9 Alive – Day 6 of looking after Baci the nearly 6 month old Pomeranian and I am thankful that he is still alive! 10 Sharp – Sharp puppy teeth. I tried but was unsuccessful at getting a photo of Baci’s teeth!
11 Gold – the morning light shining through the sheer gold curtain at the window = pure gold! 12 Interior – the interior of my car.
13 Look Up – glorious winter blooms and a cloudless blue sky. 14 Old school – my old school kitchen scales that I have had since 1985.
15 Torn – my torn rug as a result of when Ava was a puppy. 16 Listening To – the healing and uplifting sounds and powers of nature.
17 Sunshine – on my shoulders makes me happy! 18 Admire – the skill, passion, work, patience and love that my mother puts into each and every quilt she creates.
19 Curly – phone cord. 20 Moment – taking a moment to enjoy t he garden. Note Baci and Ava doing wee wee in the background!
21 Basic – water is one of the basic needs for human survival. 22 I wore this – new comfy Ecco shoes for times when I need to do a lot of walking.
23 Macro – our outdoor cane coffee table. 24 Water – is magnificent as a waterfall. More info on Instagram.
25 Home – just home from my son’s graduation from university. 26 Fun – a lovely day out with a girlfriend.
27 Ten – ten pretty stones from the garden. 28 Cool – cool hippie bracelets my daughter bought at the 2014 Splendour in the Grass Music Festival.
29 Repeat – my washing machine is always on repeat! 30 Lost – I’d be lost without this beautiful nature on my doorstep.
31 Rise – I had to rise very, very early from bed to get this shot of a sun rise over the beach at Byron Bay.  

Do you play along with #fmsphotoaday ?  I’ve really enjoyed it.  I think I may just continue playing for August! 😉

Ciao for now,

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