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I’ve been reading with much interest lately, all the blog posts by various bloggers written on the subject of ‘why I write’ – a blog hop currently doing the rounds. It’s a great subject, great questions and a wonderful opportunity to gain a little more insight into the writers behind each of the blogs!

Many thanks to Janet of Middle Aged Mamma who nominated me! I’m so happy to be able to participate.

Before I answer the questions, here’s a glimpse at where I work!

Home Office

MinsMash Home Office

Note the attempts to put my stamp on the space!! A little rundown on what’s what – starting top left – mother’s day gift from Twin2 when he was in high school – made with his own hands – represents me his mother – I love it! photo of MrMM and me when we were first dating, my oil burner, an M (for Min – doh!) from Typo, a turtle from our family visit to see the Loggerhead turtles lay eggs at Mon Repo beach in Bundaberg Down lower now:  lots of crap to sort through (family epicentre leftovers!), my fan for when I get hot (not used for a while lately LOL), printed photography modules to study, my ‘Lets Blog Some Shit’ notebook from Typo, my beautiful new 27″ iMac, my coffee, my phone, my salt lamp, and containers of pens, paper clips, bulldog clips etc.

Not a bad little set up but certainly not perfect. This is a little room just in from the garage and doesn’t get a lot of natural light as the one and only window to the left goes out to a roofed pergola.  This will have to do for now though because we’re a full house – no spare rooms for me to take possession of …. yet! 😉

This desk was once the computer epi-centre for the whole family. There was once just the one computer for the whole family and this desk housed all family office/study supplies – sticky tape, paper clips, printer paper, stapler, etc etc.  We got our first ‘family’ computer back in to 90’s which tells you how long we have had this desk!!

When my kids started high school we bought them each a laptop. Mr MM and I continued to ‘share’ the family computer (currently a HP laptop). Now, at last, an iMac has been purchased for me – perfect for my blogging and photography! MrMM has the previous laptop that we shared. We still have to find a location to set him up in (but I have a good idea) as he currently is using the laptop from the dining room table! Plans are also underway for a new desk and storage solution for me. The desk you see pictured will be going!  Anyone want it?  I’ll update on the blog with the office makeover once it is completed!

Now on to my answers as to Why I Write!

What am I working on?

My primary focus at the moment is completing my photography assignments. I have only two more to go. When completed, I will then have a Diploma in Professional Photography and will be sent the Diploma in the mail which I can frame and put up on the wall in my office and feel a little bit proud of my achievement.

Once I have completed this Diploma, I will take a bit of a break from photography studies and set my mind to overhauling my blog to give it a more professional look and a much stronger and clearer focus and I will also begin the process of establishing my photography business.

I do plan to continue learning more and more and more about Photography. Photographers are always, always learning. There are more courses. There are day trips with seasoned professional photographers. There are books to read. There is Photoshop to master and much, much more!

I love both photography and writing. To me they go hand in hand. Both creative, and both providing me with the opportunity to express myself and always satisfying the need within me to be always learning more.

Photography clears my mind and takes me to my happy place.  It provides a world of continual experimentation, awe, and learning.

Writing provides the blessed release of expression and through it I am always learning more about myself.

– Min of MinsMash

How does my writing differ from others in its genre?

I don’t think I belong to a particular genre – except perhaps to represent the middle-aged – and I’ll proudly contribute to helping to close the gap of (lack of) middle-aged bloggers I have noticed in the blogosphere!  I don’t think of myself as a mummy blogger at all and to be honest I really don’t like that term.   My youngest child is 19 years of age and the word ‘mummy’ is not one that has been used around me in many, many years!!

I write from the heart, albeit ‘carefully’ as a blog is such a public space!

Why I write?

I write because:

  • there are so many thoughts and words inside of me that need to get out. I am a person who needs an outlet to express myself.
  • writing helps me sort through my feelings and emotions – it’s like therapy!
  • I love wordsmithing!
  • I’ve always been good with words.  Many bloggers have a journalism background.  I don’t – but I have a long and rich working background where I’ve written letters, memorandum’s, reports, proposals, plans, newsletters, speeches and briefing notes for Minister’s and Director-General’s (yes I used to be a public servant! lol) and much more.  I don’t think I’m going to become an author or write books (but who really knows!!), but I have always found it easy to put words together.  I did well at English at school.  Through my blog, I can now write what my mind and heart want to write.  What a great opportunity!
  • I have messages and life lessons I want to share with others.

How does my writing process work?

I have discovered that I work best when I am not locked into a rigid schedule. When I first started my blog, I created a schedule of what days I would blog and what I would blog about on those days. It didn’t work. I wasn’t always feeling it at the scheduled time, and often the words in my blog posts were forced.  They didn’t flow from me naturally.  Now, I blog when the words are there and needing to be let out.  I do need to try to blog on a more consistent basis though.  This will be a priority to get sorted once my photography studies are completed.

When I’m writing a blog post, I open up a word document and just let my fingers fly across the keyboard. I then spell check and go back to the beginning and read through, finessing and wordsmithing as I go. Once I am happy with the words I have written, I then think about images. Do I have an image to go with the post? Do I need to take a photograph for the post? Would an image from the internet work with this post? Once I have it all sorted then I cut and paste from the word document into WordPress and upload the images. I spell check again. Read through again.   Decide on a feature image, select appropriate ‘categories’ for the post, add meta tags and then publish.

Sadly, I can’t schedule posts because I am not yet self-hosted and cannot use the required plugin.   This will be addressed as part of that ‘overhaul’ I mentioned earlier! 😉

Who is next?

  1. Rita, the voice behind The Crafty Expat. She’s a writer, a blogger and a crafter. She writes about her love for words, her many hobbies and her life as an expat in Melbourne. Rita is a French/Canadian from Quebec who married an Aussie guy. She speaks three languages! Her favourite sound is hearing the tapping of her fingers on a keyboard. There would be a lot of tapping going on lately because Rita is busily writing a book! I’ve met Rita in real life when she visited Brisbane and she is just so lovely!
  2. Sheryl of Being Fifty Something. She blogs to celebrate being 50 something for herself and for her sister Gay who she lost unexpectedly when they were in their 40’s. She lives in Geelong, Victoria and runs a freelance copywriting business and loves antiques and collectables, thrifting, sustainable/ethical living and opportunism. Now that I’m in my 50’s I feel a true part of Sheryl’s celebrating being 50 something club!
  3. Anne of Domesblissity, a fifty-year-old mum of two primary school aged children. Her blog name is based on an acronym with each letter describing a lot about her. Go check it out! Anne is currently fulfilling a lifelong dream to work in the health and fitness industry and is enrolled in a Certificate III in Fitness. Anne doesn’t live too far from me and I’ve met her in real life a couple of times. She is lovely!


Ciao for now,

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  1. Fascinating Min! You are braver than me, posting a photo of your writing space. Mine is usually pretty messy LOL. So exciting to hear you are almost finished your Diploma in Professional Photography, what an amazing achievement!


    • Thank you again for nominating me! I think I have seen a photo or two of your work space and it looked fab! Way more modern and organised than mine I thought! lol Thank you – I’m so excited to be nearly finished with the photography studies. Can’t wait to get that Diploma in the mail 🙂


  2. I actually think there are a lot of us Middle-aged bloggers about, but we often don’t say it necessarily (I prefer old. I’ve just jumped there because it’s quicker to type and I’m lazy)…It’s an interesting area.
    Congrats on your soon to be completed Photography. Good for you!


    • You are probably right Lydia (that there are more of us but they don’t always identify themselves!). It just seems that the blogosphere is so full of young mums and so it is exciting to come across another blogger of the same age group!! LOL – I’m a bit lazy at times but I’m not ready to lump myself into the ‘old’ bracket yet. Thanks for the congrats on the photography! Two more assignments and I’ll feel like I have achieved something 🙂


  3. Really interesting, Min, I love your desk (or work space as I pretentiously called mine in my post on why I write!)

    I think writing and photography are wonderful, worthwhile pursuits – there are a lot of worse ways to while away your time.. 🙂 I too only blog intermittently and resist the pressure of having to ‘churn out’.

    Off to check out your tags… 🙂


    • Glad it was interesting Lee-Anne…and that you like my desk/workspace/workstation LOL BTW just popped over and quickly read your why I write post and I feel so bloody dull and boring now LOL You are funny!! I am so NOT funny! Well I can be a little bit sometimes. BTW – I will go back to comment on your post. I love to while away my time with writing and photography – both take up a lot of time too I might add but I love them! 😉


  4. I’d love to know more about your photography course!! How exciting it will be when you get your certificate in the post. I can get lost behind my lens sometimes – I love it xx


    • Hi Robyn, thanks for visiting! Happy to share about the photography course I am doing. It’s online with The Photography Institute. You can find out all about it here: It will be very exciting when I get my certificate in the mail. I know exactly what you mean about getting lost behind the lens. Photography is a great escape for me. It takes me to my happy place 🙂 xo


  5. Very interesting read, Mins! Love hearing about your past and the other forms of writing you did…especially as a pubic servant! And your writing space! Looks very homey and cosy!


    • Thanks Grace! I’ve really enjoyed reading all the posts I’ve come across with this blog hop. It’s a great way to get to know someone a little more. I did lots of writing in my previous job/s – just never writing from my heart or imagination! Glad you think my writing space looks homey and cosy. It’s interesting to hear that because those are the words I usually hear to describe the feel of my home overall. 😉 xo


    • Thanks Rita for tweaking and republishing your Why I Write post. I didn’t realise you had done this post months ago. Lovely to see your work space too! Glad you like mine 🙂 I’ve not been able to focus on my last two photography assignments while I’ve had Baci staying. Hopefully, after he goes (on Wednesday) I will be able to knuckle down and get them finished! xo


  6. I love that you’re pursuing your passions Min even after classing yourself as ‘middle aged’. You’re an inspiration. Age has no barrier on pursuing your dreams. And after reading your blog, even though I know you have older children, I get the sense you are a young and not middle aged. 🙂


    • Thanks again Bec! It’s not easy pursuing my passion. It’s full of questions, self doubts and guilt (I left my job and income to do this!) but I know that this was a necessary step for me at this stage of my life. I think middle-aged is still young. It’s all a matter of how you think. I still feel like I did when I was 30 but maybe don’t look quite the same as I did when I was 30! lol xo