Around my home & garden

It’s the little things …

… that can make all the difference!!

I’ve had a few upsetting things happen lately

but I don’t want to spend my days with my emotions all stirred up

so do you know what I do to help calm them and pick myself up?  It’s something quick, easy and accessible. This is what I do …


garden, pots, pot plants

garden, pots, pot plants,

garden, pots, pot plants

garden, pots, snapdragons

garden, flowers

garden, flowers

garden, pot plant, flowers

I head outside with my camera and snap away at pretty things.  The combination of the distraction of taking photo’s, spending time around nature and then viewing and editing the results sure help do the trick.  What do you do for a quick, easy and accessible calming solution and pick me up?

Ciao for now,

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    • Thanks Em! It’s easy to have some flowers. Get a pot, some potting mix and some seedlings (or seeds!) and plant away. Set a roster for the kids to water with a cute watering can. Watch grow! BTW – i’ll let u in on a little secret. I am not the perfect gardener!! During summer, it was so bloody hot that I couldn’t bare to spend time in my new front garden. I was either in aircon or the pool – trying to survive! I lost many plants in the process. I just don’t handle heat well *sigh*!! 😉 xo


      • Great!! Yes – plenty will grow in winter! The nursery will only have plants that are ‘in season’ now and as for seeds – just read the back of the packet to be sure when the best time is to plant. This would make a great school holiday activity for the kids Em 😉


    • Thanks Rita! It’s so great to have an outlet that helps during emotional or difficult times. I’m ok – just life throws things at us to rock the emotional boat sometimes! 😉 xo


  1. There is nothing like the healing power of a garden!. Our backyard is a disaster area at the moment (makeover woes – don’t ask!) and I am really missing having the greenery and esp my vegie patch this Winter 😦


    • I hope you get your backyard sorted soon Janet!! My front yard is not looking as good as it was when I first did it. Some things won’t grow as I had hoped. I suspect the large Leopard Tree that grows on the footpath might be why but I could be wrong. Trial and error!! I’ll get there!