Like the new frock?

It’s a year to celebrate!  I turned 50.  My blog will turn 2 in September.  I am only 2 assignments away from graduating with a Diploma in Professional Photography.  I have a wonderful new big iMac.  Push me and I’ll find loads more reasons to celebrate 😉 !

So to celebrate all these things – my blog needed a new frock – aka a new look!

Do you like it?

More new frocks to come as the MinsMash wardrobe undergoes a bit of an overhaul 🙂



If you come across any glitches please do let me know.  Meanwhile I’ll be poking around checking that all seams are pressed and stitching is in tact.

Ciao for now,

Min Signature - Dec13


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    • LOL oh that is why I think you are so awesome Em. You like to take people up on their word and you are cheeky!! OK – three more reasons to celebrate this year ……. will be coming up soon. You caught me unprepared so i need to think 😉 hehe I shall return! xo


    • Ok Em – I’m baaa-aaack!! 1) I’m 50 and am blessed to still have both my parents 2) My family are all in good health 3) Because life is precious and should be celebrated …… Ta Da!! 😉 xo


  1. Hi Min! Wouhou for the new Mac! So exciting! Love the new look of the blog! I like that better that we can see all your post straight away rather than your about page and then clicking on blog post like it was before. Now I don’t know if it’s my computer but there are two huge black bars in the middle of the comment section.


    • Loving my new iMac Rita. I previously was working off a HP Laptop and finding it incredibly hard – particularly with regards to editing photographs. I just couldn’t see what I was doing! I now have a 27″ screen and it has made an enormous difference. I love it! I’m glad you like the new look of the blog. It’s a premium theme which I paid for. I still plan to go self hosted eventually. Hmmmm….strange about the two black bars in the middle of the comment section that you mention. I can’t see them from my end? xo


    • Thanks Lisa – glad you like the new frock. I was bored with the old one! Ahh yes – it’s usually gorgeous in my neck of the woods – particularly if you were at the waterfront 😉 xo