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Monty of Montville

Owl, Door Stop

Meet Monty!

Monty the owl is my one and only purchase from our time up at Montville.  I was quite taken with Monty.  He is made of pretty fabrics and out of all the owls in this particular shop, he stood out to me.  I think he was telephatically yelling out to me – pick me, buy me!!  In actual fact, I walked out of the shop and did not buy him.  I felt that it would just be a silly purchase so I could say I bought something.  BUT he haunted me (hoot hoot!!) and I went back the next day and got him.

Monty the owl is actually a door stop but I will not pigeon-hole him to this one and only function.  He will be free in my house to be whatever and wherever he wants to be! 😉

I used to have a cat called Monty (who lived until he was 12) so I did hesitate to give the name to another, but with this fella coming from Montville what else could I have called him really!!

Have you noticed that owls are really very ‘in’ right now?  I wonder why that is?  They are in just about EVERY homeware shop.  I remember waaaay back in the early days of my marriage when everything ‘country cottage’ was the rage it was chooks and ducks that were in all the shops!  Coming back to the present – I don’t mind owls being the rage right now because I quite like owls.  They are wise and mysterious creatures who can see in the dark.

I wonder whether the Harry Potter phenomenon had something to with the current day popularity of owls?  What do you think?  Owls featured quite heavily in the Harry Potter books and movies.  Harry Potter himself had an owl called ‘Hedwig’.  Owls were not only a companion pet but they delivered the mail.  Hogwarts students also sat O.W.L. (Ordinary Wizarding Level) examinations!

My daughter has owls in her bedroom.  They discretely feature on her doona cover so to keep to the theme she has some little owls ornamenting her bookshelves.

Do you like owls?  Have any in your house?  What do you think of my blue-eyed Monty of Montville?

Ciao for now,

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  1. We have owls everywhere too. I have always been a fan – they are so beautiful. The week we moved into our new home we had a huge owl appear one night at the window – a big cream-flecked owl. He was gorgeous and as big as Harry’s on the movie!


  2. Monty is divine!!!! Owls were the one thing I used to collect as a child, but I stopped for some reason. I am still drawn to the owl as a motif though – I love their perceived wisdom and knowing calm expression that hides the desire of a cold killer 😉
    Hello from #teamIBOT


    • Thank you Chantel – so glad u like Monty! 😉 Haha – love your description – “….perceived wisdom and knowing calm expression that hides the desire of a cold killer”!! They are fascinating creatures I have to agree! xo


    • Montville and surrounding areas (Mapleton, Maleny etc) has always been one of my favourite places. I have only ever done day trips there before. This was the first time I have every stayed up there and I’m so glad I did. You experience it much better when you stay there 🙂 xo


    • I take it you don’t have any owls at your place Jess? lol I think they are cute little critters and YES they are absolutely everywhere! 🙂


  3. Monty is very cute and you’ve done well buying it! I don’t know where this trend comes from but I think owls are very nice. We’ve got two in our garden but they are not that cute!


    • Something about Monty demanded that I buy him! I do like owls but I am not obsessive about them. Monty is a nice addition to our home though 🙂 xo