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A little bit country!

My name is Marguerite, commonly known as Min and I am now FIFTY … yes 50! … years of age and I love the country, particularly hinterlands.  Yep, I just adore it up in the mountains!!

Mr MM and I recently had 3 nights up at Montville and I loved every minute of it.  We stayed at Misty View Cottages (Blue Gum Cottage) and highly recommend the place!  I took hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of photo’s.  I shoot in RAW and so all images need to be edited.  I’ve only had time to edit a handful and I’ll share those with you now for Wordless Wednesday but promise to share the best of the rest in good time.

Note that some photo’s have been edited for arty rustic country effect.

cottage bed

The little box on the bed contained gourmet chocolates – yum!


A fire-place of any type is a novelty for a Brisbane girl!
This one is not lit but I did take photo’s of it lit!

rainforest garden

A peek-a-boo view of Lake Baroon from a walk in the cottage garden

Baroon Lake

The view from the back deck of our cottage! 

Misty Baroon Lake

The reason where we stayed was called ‘Misty View Cottages’.  
This was our view every morning (early).

garden, white flowers

Around the cottage garden

Bird of Paradise, Strelitzia

Bird of Paradise – ‘Strelitzia’

Grevillia Pink Surprise

Grevillia Pink Surprise

Grevillea Pink Surprise

roadside fruit stall

A roadside fruit stall just up the road from where we
were staying.  I tried to make this look like an old photo.  
I did buy a bag of mandarins 🙂

cow, cattle, country

cow, cattle, country

country fence, cow, cattle

country fence, barbed wire, cattle

I love cattle, barbed wire and old country fences!!

Do you love a country or hinterland getaway too?  Keep watch for more posts and photo’s from our little trip away.

Ciao for now!

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  1. I am nearly 48 –
    Glorious pics from your time away. I love cattle, barbed wire and old country fences too – I should start taking more photos with my proper camera again


    • I was 48 two seconds ago LOL I’m glad you liked my photo’s and so relieved to hear that someone else likes cattle, barbed wire and old country fences too! Yes – pick up your camera – it’s so therapeutic 🙂 x


    • Thanks Em! You and your hubby would love this place for sure. Best experienced in winter time I think. A nice little weekend getaway from kids and the day to day treadmill of life 🙂 x


  2. Love your photos !!!!
    Next week we are getting our fireplace installed – I can’t wait !!!!
    Have the best day !
    Me xox


    • Thank you! Oh I am very envious of you getting a fireplace installed! Strangely – though I don’t really feel the cold, I just adore fireplaces! 🙂 xo