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“There is a laser beam of longing piercing through my chest

I have no patience, I am cranky, and senseless crappy words come out of my mouth like vomit

My head is fuzzy and I cannot concentrate

I pace, I lie down, I am lost

My fingernails have grown into long black talons

Longing to rip into someone

Not just anyone … but HIM

HIM who happens to be my husband whose

Every move, every word, every expression – IRRITATES

at a level which makes said talons itch to claw and rip

I suck on lollies, I’ve tried them all

Coffee tastes wrong

Food is a nice distraction

Sleep is blessed relief”


I had my last cigarette in October 2009.   I gave up smoking by sucking on Nicobate Lozenges. I was so proud that I no longer needed to ‘smoke’. I felt quite calm and satisfied on the Nicobate lozenges.  I could go into meetings having my nicotine fix and no-one was any the wiser.  The lozenge would stick to the roof of my mouth and slowly fill my veins with the calming drug – Nicotine.  I used to pop a spare or two in my bra …. just in case!


I become ADDICTED to the Nicobate Lozenges. I expressed my concern about this at pharmacies over the years. They always said “Oh well it’s better these than the cigarettes. These do you no harm at all.  At least you only get the nicotine this way and not all the carcinogenic gasses etc”. So I consoled myself with those words and let the addiction continue.  An expensive addiction too!

I started out on the Nicobate Lozenges Extra Strength (4mg) and easily dropped down to Nicobate Lozenges Regular (2mg).   The only option lower than this was Nicobate mini’s (1.5mg).  They were small like tic-tacs, were mint flavoured and tasted so God awful that i could never take them. So, i stayed on the 2mg ‘regular’.  I would have one in my mouth from when I woke in the morning until I went to bed at night.

My addiction would have continued on and on and on but one day suddenly it became harder to find any Nicobate Lozenges and eventually there were none available at all.

I found a press release by GSK (GlaxoSmithKline).  Here is an excerpt:

GSK  is in the process of voluntarily recalling from warehouses and distributors a number of batches of nicotine lozenges sold globally, after we detected manufacturing issues affecting some batches. In some cases, the lozenges were larger or smaller than GSK’s manufacturing standards.

In Australia, the affected brands include:

o Nicabate Lozenge 2mg (AUST R 81977) – Packs of 36 and 72 Lozenges
o Nicabate Lozenge 4mg (AUST R 81978) – Packs of 36 and 72 Lozenges
o Nicabate Mini Lozenge 1.5mg (AUST R 156603) – Packs of 20 and 60 Lozenges
o Nicabate Mini Lozenge 4mg (AUST R 156604) – Packs of 20 and 60 Lozenges”


And so …. just like that ….. hundreds, thousands, heck maybe even millions of people WORLD WIDE who are ADDICTED to these lozenges cannot get any anymore!! It invokes panic!!  Who cares about these people??

I’ve checked and there is no equivalent product on the market.  Most competing market products are all mint flavoured and come in a different form.  There is nothing that the Nicobate Lozenge users can easily switch to using.

I decided to look upon this situation as a sign it was time to kick my addiction for good. So here I am nearly five (5) years since my last cigarette, going through the most revolting and extremely hard withdrawal from nicotine.

How long will I feel like this?

Can I kick it for good?

Can I be free from the need of anything to get me through a day?

Do you believe what they have said in that Press Release?

I’m wondering if perhaps they realised how addictive their product was and felt there was no alternative but to pull it and just let all the poor addicts go cold turkey??!! Are people that cruel or are they being cruel to be kind?

What if they discovered something bad in the Nicobate lozenges?

Anyway … I need another lolly … or a drink of water … I don’t know what I need now. It’s confusing but I’m hoping that by the end of this week, I will be in a better place than I was at the beginning of this week.

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  1. Oh shit Min that’s hard – and for them just to remove without offering replacement! Maybe lollypops, I know it’s not the answer but you mind need a substitute to take your mind off it… hang in there, you’re a star and can do it x


    • Not easy Em. Not easy at all! Latest thing I’m sucking on is coffee drops. Slight bitterness (so over sweet lollies), sugar free, hard so last a while. Cannot function too good at the moment. Bit better than yesterday. Hoping to see light at the end of the week 🙂 xo


  2. Wow! That sucks! I had no idea you were a smoker or still used lozenges. Good on you for beating the habit in the first place … but yes, it does make you wonder WHY they have suddenly pulled the product, esp if your experience is anything to go by. Chewing gum maybe? Are the nicotine patches any good? xxx


    • Sure does suck Janet. The fact you didn’t know shows just how down to a fine art I had it. I always had a lozenge in my mouth. It stuck to the roof of my mouth. It so discretely and conveniently kept me calmly drugged with nicotine. I always had spares at hand…always! As for being a smoker – not too many weren’t smokers in my age range. I didn’t start smoking until after school when the pressure to be ‘cool’ became too much so I started accepting cigarettes at parties to be cool like the others. Soon enough I was buying them …. got addicted very quick. I gave up when pregnant which was easy because I was so, so sick for the first 4 months of pregnancy. Nicobate has a lot to answer for. I hate gum – I don’t like the look of chewing on gum and anyway it gives you a saw jaw. Patches make your skin itchy and peel off during sticky humid weather. Nothing worked for me except the lozenges. They worked REAL good. I’m pretty sure there is more to the story as to why ALL Nicobate lozenges world wide have suddenly been pulled from shelves. Just hope I can beat this thing once and for all. Over it. So over it! xo


  3. Goodness, that is thoughtless of them. All the best with finding something that works for you. My dad kicked the habit but it was a difficult road x


    • Thanks Kaz! I actually ‘kicked the habit’ (of smoking) almost 5 years ago I’m happy to say. I do not crave holding and smoking a cigarette. I just have an addiction to nicotine now. That’s gotta be easier to kick hasn’ it?! 😉 x


  4. Min I have no advice or tips but I can’t believe they can take a product away and bit offer some sort of replacement. Surely there are others in your situation who rely on these lozenges? I hope you can find an alternate solution. X


    • Thanks Bec! I can’t believe they just took the product away either. There would be LOTS and LOTS and LOTS of other people WORLD WIDE that rely on these lozenges and who would be going crazy right now. They were a specific taste. Most other products have a mint taste. I and many others hate the products with the mint taste. Most other products do not come in the lozenge form either. I don’t want an alternate solution. I want out of this addiction. So maybe for me this is all a blessing in disguise 🙂 x


  5. Oh mate, that’s effed! I gave up smoking about almost 10 years ago now and it was haaaard! Those nicotine withdrawls are seriously bad, I understand that feeling of wanting to rip to shreds those closets to you. Can’t believe they would just pull them like that though, that’s crazy and not just a little bit mean!


    • Glad someone else appreciates how bloody hard nicotine withdrawal is! It’s day five (5) today and I’m improving. Still crave it but my head is clearer now and I’m not as cranky or vile to be around. Just keep trying to keep myself busy and distracted. xo


  6. When I was a kid my dad always ate gum, and I found out later it was because that’s what he went to after smoking. It won’t give the nicotine but would Gum help at all?
    And also, I can only imagine this sucks so much. Hope the cravings abate soon xx


    • Hi Jess – thank you! Yes i remember my father-in-law chewing on the gum when he gave up. Unfortunately, I don’t like chewing gum. I don’t like how it looks and it also makes my jaw sore. I’m actually through the worst now and feeling much better thankfully. Sucking on lollies is helping 🙂 xo


  7. I totally hate it when companies pull of a product just like this without reason… But, take it for what its worth from a non smoker, I have a feeling it’s for the best. I don’t know, something makes me wonder why is this product so addictive. I’m off to see your latest post to see how you’re going with that.


  8. By the way all nicotine lozenges are being recalled and there’s no info except for Glaxo smith.interesting a product that generates millions of dollars has suddenly vanished without explanation. Google the reason and you won’t find it anywhere in the world!


    • Hi David – yes I googled and found nothing! It certainly makes you wonder what has happened to cause the recall. Is it because they are so addictive OR is it because they found some side effect that they are not revealing publically? It is all a bit cloak and dagger! Anyway – I am free of them now and for that I am grateful! 🙂


  9. Well done minsmash, I’ve been addicted to lozenges for 12 years now! Went on to gum but hate it! I’ve been scouring the internet for lozenge availability too for months – good work on giving up!


    • Thanks Vicki – it is a miracle really. 12 years is a long time but I completely understand! What are your plans now the lozenges have disappeared? Replace it with something else or quit addiction? Whatever you do – I wish you all the luck in the world! xo


      • Thanks for your wishes Mins. I would love to overcome my addiction and there is hope when I see that you are managing better after 10 ? days but now is not quite the right time for me to go crazy, so I’ve managed to find mint lozenges from Amcal online and will continue with it and the dreaded gum until the time where I don’t have to do anything mentally challenging…. which hopefully will be in the new year.


      • I completely understand how you are feeling Vicki! It’s been several months now for me and though it wasn’t easy, I am glad I stuck with it so that now I am free. I understand your need to wait until you have less stress in your life and are better able to manage the withdrawal process. I wish you every bit of luck and success! xo


  10. I also am terribly addicted to the lozenges. I’ve been scouring chemists all over town to source them. I only have a few packs left and I’m totally freaking out. I’ve googled and can’t find a thing as to why they no longer exist. I’ve only quit smoking a year ago and I’m petrified with out the mints!


    • Hi Deborah – I’m amazed you still have a few packs left! I couldn’t find anything anywhere months and months ago! I know your fears well. Plan ahead – either replace it with something or focus on quitting addiction to anything! It’s not easy but if I can do it than anyone can! Good luck! xo