365 Grateful Project

365 Grateful – Days 351 to 354

It’s been a while since my last batch of grateful photo’s.  My photography studies have taken over, as the time in which I have to finish gets less and less each day!  Never fear though – I recognise things each day to be grateful for.  It has become ingrained in me.  A habit.  A wonderful habit!  So, though I am not posting each and every day as I did in the beginning, in my mind, the purpose of this project has been fulfilled.  I have slowed down to smell the roses.  I am noticing things around me that were never noticed before because I was blinded by busy’ness and stress.  I am finding things every day to be grateful for, which sends a jolt of joy through me, which in turn makes me happier.  This 365 Grateful Project has done for me what I had hoped it would.  I am near to the end now.  One part of me is grateful – because the pressure I put on myself to post grateful posts will be lifted – but the other part of me will miss it.  I think that in the future there will be some other way that I will continue the message on my blog to be alert to all around you and find things in each day that bring you joy and to be grateful for … and the benefits that will come to you by doing this.

Now let’s push on with the next batch of my gratefuls!  There are not too many of them but for each of them I have quite a lot to say! 🙂


365 Grateful – Day 351:  These sunglasses are no ordinary sunglasses!  They are my first ever prescription sunglasses and they have changed my world!   I only used to need glasses for reading and computer work, but over the last year or so I have noticed my long vision starting to weaken.  At a previous visit to the Optometrist, I acquired a pair of glasses for long distance.  I use them when I go to the theatre and sometimes when watching TV.   Just over 12 months ago, I was driving up to the Sunshine Coast and needed to read road signs to find my way to a particular house.  I discovered that I could not read the signs until I was right up close to them, which was not good!  Luckily my son was in the car and could read them for me.  So, at a recent visit to the Optometrist, I asked for prescription sunglasses.  He advised me that my eyes are still legal for driving – just in case you’re wondering!  However, since I have got these sunglasses, I am so grateful that I decided to get them, and I wonder why I waited so long.  When driving now, everything is so crisp and clear.  It is wonderful!  I can read everything!

min and rita

365 Grateful – Day 352:  I’m grateful to this girl that you see in the photograph with me (we are on The Wheel of Brisbane at Southbank).  Her name is Rita and she blogs over at The Crafty Expat.  She is French/Canadian from Montreal.  She married an auzzie guy and now lives in Melbourne.  We have got to know each other a little over the last couple of years in the blogging world.  I’ve always enjoyed her blog and always liked her and thought she was lovely.  I remember saying to her that if I’m ever in Melbourne I’d love to meet her.  Well, she beat me to it.  She and her husband have been to visit Brisbane and on Sunday I met both of them and then Rita and I went on to spend the afternoon together.  She is just as lovely as she seems on her blog.  She is 15 years my junior but yet age was no barrier.   She doesn’t realise it – but she helped me overcome quite a few hurdles.  Firstly, I don’t like the city and have avoided it for nearly 2 years.  It reminds me too much of work and lots of memories I’d rather forget.  Yet – on Sunday, I caught a train to the city and met her at Roma Street Station.  We then went on to spend the afternoon at Southbank.  That shows how much I really, really wanted to meet her!  Secondly, I went out of my comfort zone again by meeting someone I had never met in real life before.  I was nervous.  Thoughts were going through my head like:  “what if I don’t meet up to her expectations”, “what if I am too quiet and boring”, “what if our age difference makes conversation difficult” and lots more ‘what if’s’.  But you know what.  I really wanted to meet her – so I went and I’m so glad I did.  Thirdly, she has opened my eyes to how much I have reduced my world since ‘the event’ a couple of years ago that shook me up.  As we walked around Southbank together and I pointed out things and told her some stuff about Brisbane, I was seeing everything through her eyes.  She was seeing Brisbane for the very first time.  Southbank is beautiful!  I never go there!  I went on The Wheel of Brisbane for the very first time ever – same as her!  The gardens and landscapes over there are magnificent.  I want to go back now, with my digital camera so I can take some ‘proper’ photos.  So, thank you Rita.  Not only are you a lovely person, but your visit has helped me take steps out of my comfort zone so that now my world can become a little bit bigger and better! 🙂

BTW – you can see some more photo’s of my afternoon at Southbank with Rita here on my Instagram.

Southbank Brisbane

365 Grateful – Day 353:  This is one of the photographs I took with my phone on Sunday afternoon at Southbank with Rita.  Thank you Southbank for your beautiful gardens that have inspired me to extend my current comfort zone.  It’s time I got out and about more.  So many beautiful places to explore and photograph.

Scott Kelby, Digital Photography

365 Grateful – Day 354:  I’ll be forever grateful for the discovery of Scott Kelby and his fabulous books on Digital Photography.  This is a photograph of the first book I have ordered and received of Scott’s.  I say first because OMG I will be getting more.  He writes in such an easy to understand way and he is so funny.  I was lying in bed last night laughing my head off reading this book and I am learning so many pro tips.  If you love photography or if you have a digital camera and would like to know how to use it a little better, do yourself a favour and buy this book!


Have a great week everyone!

Ciao for now,

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    • Hi Em – yes Rita was gorgeous and I knew she would be. It was a lovely afternoon. I’m so happy to have met her. Stinking hot day tho (I’m not a lover of humid heat – haha)! xo


  1. I only just saw you have fraternal twins (mine are 7yrs) and I have another son almost 21. I fail at chronicling the grateful 365 but I am attempting #100happydays in photos.
    Every day I am grateful.


    • Hi Trish – yes my fraternal twin boys are 21 (same as your eldest). I also have a daughter who is 18 (19 in May). My 365 Grateful Project started off where I posted a photo every day. Then I posted twice/week. Now – it’s whenever I get the time! So – it’s not been perfect but I am determined to finish it as intended 🙂


  2. Beautiful Min! Words can’t express how happy I was to meet you! I am so grateful for the time we spent together. We had such a wonderful day. I was thinking, at the end of that day, that our meeting was so natural, as if we were old friends. So true that “age was no barrier”.
    And thank you for this lovely post. I actually read it when you tweeted about it and I was so happy but I’m just getting around now to comment.
    I hope life will allow us to meet again soon.


    • Oh thank you Rita! I’m so happy that you enjoyed the afternoon and felt relaxed with me. It did feel like we were old friends didn’t it. I guess that’s because we have chatted quite a bit over the last couple of years via our blogs. I am certain we will meet again. I am overdue to visit Melbourne again. I love that place. I will definately meet up with you whenever I make my next trip. xo