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Achieving Things

Hello there!

I’m still alive!  I’m achieving things.  Small things … but things!  Here are some of those things, excluding all the most mundane:

  • I’ve submitted another photography assignment and got good results.  Phew!
  • I’ve read through the next module and am contemplating my next photography assignment.  For Part A – I have to find a photograph in my field of interest that I wish I took and um … replicate it.  Hmmm…where to start/look?!
  • I’ve booked two getaways to lovely cottages surrounded in beautiful nature.  In April we head south to Bangalow (near Byron Bay) and in June we head north to Montville (near Maleny).  Our stylishly restored 1890’s cottage at Bangalow (pictured below) is a stand alone cottage in tranquil surroundings owned by a couple with the husband being a chef and yes, we can order our meals and they will deliver.  Oh my – I can not wait!  Our cottage at Montville is perched in privacy along an escarpment overlooking a lake and the surrounding hinterland.  Both these getaways offer beautiful nature walks, lovely shopping, gorgeous food, and lots more but what I am really excited about is the amazing photography opportunities! 🙂


  • My blog has been nominated for the Kidspot Voices of 2014.  I must say I am very surprised, given that I have not been blogging terribly regularly so far for 2014 but I am very touched and thankful to whoever the lovely person/s is that nominated me.

Voices 2014

  • I have new reading glasses and my first ever prescription sunglasses.  Wow wee – driving is like a whole new experience for me now.  I can read street signs from miles away.  Everything is crisp and wonderful.  Did I once actually see like that without the need for glasses?  I guess I did!!  Anyway – I got Collette Dinnigan sunglasses because they were offering free polarising and well she is a designer so perhaps I am now a little more fashionable?  This is them below – more fashionable?  Yes?  No?


Yesterday was International Happiness Day.  What was making you happy yesterday.  What is making you happy today?  Yesterday was a happy day for me because I got my hair done and I wore a new top that I got on sale from Blue Illusion.  This is it here.  I love that fresh, clean feeling of hairdressered hair and all girls know that thrill of wearing a new item of clothing.  I posted a photo on Instagram of my hair and top yesterday if you’re interested in checking it out.  Don’t be freaked out by my hair colour in the photo though.  It looks yellow, but I can assure you my hair isn’t yellow.  It just looks that way because the ceiling light was on I suspect.  Today I’m happy because all my kids are home (no Uni today) and I’m catching up on washing (laundry).  Not a particularly exciting day but it’s a good feeling to get on top of household tasks is it not?

Hoping you are all finding your ‘happy’ in each of your days.

Ciao for now,

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  1. Your getaways sound amazing. The cottage looks adorable and I cant wait to see the photos that you take.
    Congratulations on your nomination for Kidspot Voices of 2014. You deserve it x


  2. The getaways sound awesome. I’d love to book something similar for me and hubby once we get out of our baby toddler stage of family life. This post made me happy! Your photography course sounds really interesting and I love the way I feel after getting my hair done at the hairdresser.


    • Bec – this is the first time hubby and I have gone away without the kids! It’s time! I’m so glad this post made you happy! My photography course is great – it’s really pushing me to do stuff I may have never tried before and I’m learning heaps. xo


  3. Congrats on being nominated this year, awesome. Yay for fresh hair and clothes, always puts a spring in my step. Enjoy your getaways, they sound fab and I hope you get some great photos xx


  4. Your getaways sound lovely Min I hope they will be relaxing and offer lots of photo talking opportunities and congratulations on your kid spot nomination. I find sometimes it’s the little things that make us happy like getting our hair done or a nice meal X


    • Those getaways DO sound lovely don’t they Lisa! I can’t wait! Thank you for the congrats on the KidSpot nomination. I still can’t quite believe it. Yes – it’s the little things that make me happy too 🙂 xo